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Taj Butcheraj – heaven for meat lovers in Dubrovnik

By  Feb 21, 2018

When is a butchers not a butchers? When it is a meat boutique! Taj Butcheraj is a butchers with a difference. We are all used to scratching our heads in front of a row of meat in a standard butchers, not knowing what is good for roasting, can this go on the BBQ and most importantly will I get another fatty piece of meat that resembles the sole of a shoe. And finding that perfect topside of roast beef is pretty much impossible, goodbye Sunday roast. But now there is a solution – Taj Butcheraj.

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Located in Lapad this relatively freshly opened meat boutique brings a completely new concept to buying meat products in Dubrovnik. For those looking to prepare the perfect meat dish, however complicated, look no further. "Taj Butcheraj is a kind of meat boutique, a butchers that is distinct from all the other objects of this kind in the county because we offer only free-range meat breed exclusively on Croatian farms and mostly from small family farms,” commented the co-owner of Taj Butcheraj, Edina Macanović.

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“Finest meat and good stuff” is the simple and descriptive slogan of Taj Butcheraj and it seems to suit perfectly. They have got funky with meat and meat products. Free range pork belly rolled with cajun, garlic, thyme or homemade burgers or sausages with red cabbage or yummy pršut…we could go on and on. Yes, it isn’t only pieces of meat that Taj Butcheraj offers they also have creative products.

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They will even go that extra mile to treat customers with tailor-made dishes. “We prepare dishes for clients in advance, so they take the finished product ready for preparation. For example, we prepare ready-to-cook roast meats. We also receive the ideas and suggestions of our customers, and try our best to save them time at home by preparing dishes for them,” added Macanović.

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Taj Butcheraj (the name comes from Butcher and Raj which means heaven in Croatian) is your one-stop-shop for all your meat dreams.

Contact details
Address - Dalmatinska 40, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Tel - +385 (0)20 416 151
Open from – 7am to 8pm