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VIDEO – How to become the top rated restaurant on TripAdvisor…even if you don’t actually have a restaurant

Written by  Jan 29, 2018

You’re looking to book a table at a swank restaurant in Dubrovnik, hoping to find real local cuisine at reasonable prices. Where can you get the inside information to jump the queues and reserve your holiday meal? In these digital days many people would turn to the online review site TripAdvisor for assistance. But just how reliable is TripAdvisor? Can you trust the reviews and real and that you have really found a top ten restaurant in Dubrovnik?

There have been many cases over the years of businesses paying for fake reviews, this happens all over the world so why should Dubrovnik be the exception? However, these restaurants, as far as we know, have been real restaurants. A recently released video clearly shows that TripAdvisor is far from perfect.

The Shed at Dulwich was a fictitious restaurant, literally it didn’t exist, but thanks to some clever marketing and some inside tricks it managed to find itself as the number one restaurant in London on TripAdvisor out of more than 18,000 restaurants. It didn’t have a cook, a waiter, tables, chairs or any food whatsoever, in fact it had never even served a hot meal to any guest, but yet it was rated as the top restaurant in London.

Celebrities, food bloggers and the rich and famous were falling over themselves to book a table at London’s hottest new restaurant, an eatery that didn’t exist. Oobah Butler, a journalist at Vice Video, spent seven months concocting The Shed at Dulwich, and the story is incredible.

Check out this video and make your own conclusions as to the reliability of TripAdvisor.

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