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PHOTO GALLERY – Enchanting black and white Dubrovnik moments by Goran Bisic Beauty is in the eye of Goran Bisic

PHOTO GALLERY – Enchanting black and white Dubrovnik moments by Goran Bisic

Written by  Ivana Smilovic Jan 22, 2018

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city and no wonder that many photographers find it attractive for their photo shoots. All the social networks are full of beautiful shots from our city, but while browsing Instagram and looking at photos from Dubrovnik, we found ourselves always stopping at the same profile, that from Goran Bisic.

Unique is the best word to describe his photos that show moments and details of our city that we wouldn't even notice passing by.

-I'm mostly inspired by the specific light situations, then geometric shapes, lines, textures and I'm certainly not missing some (un)usual street opportunities – says Goran, who is really modest about his work that attracts attention of many.

One more special thing about his photography is that all of his photos are black and white, which gives them even more charm.

-Somehow, from the beginning of my photography journey, black and white proved to be the best way to express myself creatively and to share everything I see and feel through my camera lens (or cell phone display) - explains Goran.

You can follow his work at his photo blog and/or official Instagram profile. Believe us, you will feel the need to after seeing the photos below.

goran bisic 01


goran bisic 02

goran bisic 03


goran bisic 04


goran bisic 05


goran bisic 06


goran bisic 07


goran bisic 08


goran bisic 09


goran bisic 010


goran bisic 011

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