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British traveler visit abandoned sites in Dubrovnik British traveler visit abandoned sites in Dubrovnik Mark Thomas

Tourism has many faces – as this lover of abandoned sites highlights

Written by  Jan 04, 2018

Dubrovnik has so much more to offer to tourists, it isn’t a sun, sand and sea destination, what about abandoned building tourism. As the warm winter sunlight flooded down over the idyllic Adriatic bay we caught up with an English tourist, well traveller would be a better word, who is currently visiting the ruins of the former military resort of Kupari.

“I spend eight months of the year on the road and am fascinated by recently abandoned sites, and in Croatia there are so many because of the war,” commented this cheerful British traveller as his camper van sat parked in front of one of the bombed out hotels in Kupari.

“I have been to Dubrovnik many times before, and on this trip I’ve been to Osijek and Vukovar. I tend to visit outside of the main tourist season so I have time and peace to see what I want,” added the retired photographer from London.

It was certainly unusual to see a British registered camper in Kupari at the beginning of January, but the angles of tourism are far from narrow. There are clubs and associations around the world that have a mutual appreciation of abandoned complexes. Dubrovnik certainly has its fair share, at least for the time being. Apart from Kupari this curious traveller had also visited the former Hotel Belvedere in Dubrovnik, as well as similar sights in Zagreb and Slavonia.



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