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Most read articles of 2017 Most read articles of 2017

Top 10 most read stories in 2017 by The Dubrovnik Times Featured

Written by  Mark Thomas Dec 30, 2017

It has been a busy year in Dubrovnik, we have had tragedy, comedy and glamour. And as the year comes to an end here is a roundup of our most clicked articles about Dubrovnik of 2017, yes this is a list that you the readers have made.

As the second year of our website comes to an end we would like to thank all our readers for helping us to be the most read English language news website in Dubrovnik. (keep up the good work :) )

Our top ten most clicked articles for 2017:

10 - Dubrovnik’s tramway – once an important lifeline now only memory

Yesterday marked a sad day in Dubrovnik's long history – for on the 20th of March 1970 the city's tramway was abolished. For almost sixty years the tramway was an important link and an iconic feature on the streets of the city. People still remember the Dubrovnik tramway with fondness, yes it was the most comfortable or even the fastest way of travel but it certainly had style and character.

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9 - James Bond to film in Dubrovnik as Daniel Craig continues in the role of 007

James Bond will be filming in Dubrovnik. According to information in the British newspaper, The Mirror, the 25th and latest James Bond movie will be filmed in Dubrovnik. After the Game of Thrones, Star Wars and Robin Hood the latest Hollywood blockbuster to use Dubrovnik as a backdrop will be the British spy James Bond. 

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8 - Young tourists advertise “Free Sex” in Dubrovnik

A group of young backpacker tourists caught the eye this evening as they sat in a group on the cobbled streets of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik. On the busiest entrance into the city the young tourists started a street style picnic as thousands of people walked by. But it wasn’t the al fresco eating on the pavement that caught the eye of passersby it was the cardboard sign that one of them was holding offering “Free Sex.”

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7 - EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS – Dubrovnik under water as torrential rains flood Old City

Torrential rains hit Dubrovnik this evening causing flooding throughout the city. The historic Old City reassembled Venice as the flood waters threatened to spill into shops, homes and museums.

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6 - Croatia ranked as one of the safest countries in the world

For the past eleven years, the World Economic Forum has engaged leaders in travel and tourism business to conduct an in-depth analysis of the Travel and Tourism competitiveness including 136 world economies.

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5 - Lapad Beach getting a complete new look for summer

Construction work on one of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik is in full swing in preparation for the upcoming summer season. The beach on the Bay of Lapad is a magnet for thousands of tourists and is surrounded by many hotels.

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4 - Tragedy in Dubrovnik sea – three dead, two injured and four still missing

Last night at 9.20pm a tragedy occurred in the seas around Dubrovnik when a fast response boat from the Dubrovnik harbour master struck a smaller speedboat in the area of the Kolocep Channel. Reports directly after the incident revealed that nine people were onboard the smaller speedboat, two were killed at the scene, two injured and five lost at sea. Since then, at around 2.00pm this afternoon another body was discovered bringing the death toll to three, with four people still remaining lost at sea.

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3 - VIDEO/PHOTO - Jamie Dornan storms onto Robin Hood set and steals the show

Jamie Dornan had a busy first day of filming in Dubrovnik today as he appeared on set of the Robin Hood: Origins for the first time. Taron Egerton or Robin Hood, Oscar award winner Jamie Foxx who plays Little John and Eve Hewson, daughter of U2’s Bono Vox, who plays Maid Marion, have all been in Dubrovnik since the beginning of filming on the 20th of February. But until today Jamie Dornan, or Will Scarlet, was conspicuous by his absence, that all changed today.

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2 - Czech tourist goes for a swim in the middle of Dubrovnik!

And the winner of the 100 metres Dubrovnik street swimming race goes to Zbynek Pela from the Czech Republic! In Dubrovnik we are used to a few rainy days as the autumn arrives but the weather this afternoon was more than a little rainy.

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And the winner is....

1 - PHOTO/VIDEO - Jamie Foxx and Taron Egerton evade charging horse on set of Robin Hood: Origins in Dubrovnik

It was another night of explosions and fireballs in Dubrovnik as the filming of Robin Hood: Origins continued for a fourth day. In a night time filming the cast and crew were concentrated on the eastern entrance into the Old City of Dubrovnik and the main focus was the stone bridge that leads into the city from the Ploce Gate.

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