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Tavulin Wine & Art Bar Tavulin Wine & Art Bar Ivana Smilovic

Tavulin Wine & Art Bar – make time for yourself

By  Sep 24, 2017

Fine local wines flow, the sound of Dubrovnik style snacks being sliced and diced and the aroma of freshly ground coffee all to the backdrop of funky art hanging from every nook and cranny, yes, art hanging around as you enjoy a break in Tavulin.

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Located in the very heart of the historic city core this wine & art bar is the new star on the Dubrovnik gastro scene. Whilst the concept might be well known in other Mediterranean destinations this is unique in Dubrovnik.

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Every month or so a new artist has their work highlighted in the bar. You even have the chance to purchase some art as you sip your Merlot. It’s literally a stone’s throw from the Stradun but you feel like you’ve entered a different world, one far away from the hustle and bustle.

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 If you want to take time to enjoy your chardonnay, relish your tapas or contemplate your coffee then Tavulin will give you that time. Make time for yourself in Tavulinand enjoy an authentic local experience!

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Iza Roka 11, Dubrovnik (you might need to hit the Google maps) 

Tel - +385 99 885 4197

Open from 11:00am to 00:15

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