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Solo no more with a Ziggy Star Pub Crawl Solo no more with a Ziggy Star Pub Crawl Ziggy Star Dubrovnik

Pub Crawl in Dubrovnik with Ziggy Star – you are never solo with Ziggy!

By  Sep 01, 2017

Looking to make instant friends and have a rocking night out – we have the solution – Ziggy Star Pub Crawl. Over the past few years Dubrovnik has become more and more attractive as a destination for backpackers and solo travellers. Hostels have sprung up all over the city like mushrooms after the rain and when you offer clean accommodation for only a handful of Euros word is going to spread pretty fast.

Being a solo traveller, and yes we’ve all been solo travellers, is a great way to meet new friends and make memories to last a lifetime. It also has its challenges.

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 What better way to have a cracking night on the tiles in Dubrovnik and mingle with a group of international likeminded people than a Pub Crawl with Ziggy Star. Although fairly new on the scene in Dubrovnik this pub crawl has immediately proved popular with the “in” crowd.

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Fun all the way with Ziggy Star  

It’s a no-brainier really. The first stop on the pub crawl is a funky bar in the centre of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik, B4 (before what you may ask) where you will have one hour of free drinks. Stop rubbing your eyes, yes we said FREE DRINKS! If that doesn’t start your evening with a bang then nothing will. You’ll soon lose all those solo traveller inhibitions. As Shelly Noonan from the UK commented - This looks awesome, especially as I will be a lone traveller!

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And then you are onto the next step of the night the exotically named Casablanca bar where you’ll get another free drink, but this time just a welcome drink. All along the tour you’ll be accompanied by a guide and a photographer. So yes that means that there will be photographic evidence of your night out (ease up on the funny faces guys.) In fact at 10.00am the next morning the guys from Ziggy Star will send to your inbox a bunch of photos from your night out in Dubrovnik (feel free to delete the dodgy ones.)

And then the star of the evening rises in the night sky – the most kicking night club in Dubrovnik – Culture Club Revelin. And with Ziggy Star you are guaranteed free entrance and the hottest ticket in town. With regular appearances from world famous DJs and a lightshow that will knock your socks off this nightclub will complete your night (and morning) perfectly. You are solo no more.

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We know what you’re asking “sounds great but how does it cost?” All this comes for only 250 Kuna (or 33 Euros).


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