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Croatia cheaper than many Med hotspots Croatia cheaper than many Med hotspots

Comparing Mediterranean destinations and breaking a few myths

Written by  Mark Thomas Aug 25, 2017

Croatia as more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than Egypt and Israel but less five-star hotels than Malta, the average price of a beer in Croatia is one Euro less than in Turkey but more expensive than Monaco. The Mediterranean is one of the world’s travel capitals with millions and millions of holiday makers rolling out their towels on a sandy beach and enjoying a spot of sunshine every year. So just how does Croatia fair as a Mediterranean destination, is it more expensive than Italy and less crowded than Spain?

According to data released by UK travel agency, Cyplon Holidays, Croatia is actually cheaper and less crowded than common perception believes. “As specialists in the Mediterranean we have put together a graphic comparing all of the Mediterranean holiday destinations so that you can decide which Mediterranean country is best for you,” commented Cyplon Holidays to The Dubrovnik Times.

The data they collected is fascinating – the average price of a beer, the annual tourism numbers, the most popular tourist attraction, the number of five-star hotels and the number of UNESCO World Sites, amongst others. And how much is the average price of a beer in Croatia, according to this data its 1.84 Euros making it one of the cheapest in the whole of the Med.

And whilst Croatia receives around 11.8 million tourists every year that figure is way lower than some of the other traditional Med hotspots. For example France is a whopping 83 million, Spain 75 million, Italy 48 million and Greece 30 million.

The interesting survey also has a touch of Dubrovnik as the City Walls are rightly listed as the most popular tourist attraction in the country.

Check out this great comparision chart from Cyplon Holidays 



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