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Tonight is your night! Tonight is your night! Ziggy Star Pub Crawl

Three steps to rocking night out in Dubrovnik with Ziggy Star pub crawl

Written by  Aug 23, 2017

Looking for an unforgettable night out on the town in Dubrovnik? The chance to meet new friends, hit some of the hottest bars and nightclubs and dance the night away – we have the solution – a Pub Crawl! Now we probably all know what a pub crawl is, but we are normally doing it in our home town. Now with these new pub crawls from Ziggy Star you can go on a Dubrovnik pub crawl (and save yourself money at the same time).

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This is three steps to the perfect hit out in the Old City of Dubrovnik. The tour starts at 10.00pm every night when your host for the night meets and greets you on the Pile Gate in front of the city.

Step one – from Pile Gate you make your way down to the first drinking hole of the night, the funky B4 bar, and what the guys from Ziggy Star call a “Power Hour.” In this warm up bar you’ll have an hour of free drinks (yes, you read that correctly an hour of free drinks) combined with thumping music and great company.

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Step two – off to the second bar of the night. “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine,” well it isn’t a gin joint but it is named Casablanca, where you’ll be treated with a free welcome drink. That’s right you’ve been living large for over an hour and you haven’t put your hand in your pocket yet. This trendy bar is slap bang in the middle of the city centre and a popular destination for the “in” crowd.

Step three – these couple of hours in the Dubrovnik bars (where you have mostly been enjoying free cocktails) have only been a warm up for the main event – Culture Club Revelin. This is where the volume on your pub crawl evening gets rammed up to the maximum with the most famous night club, not only in Dubrovnik, but in the region. Raise the roof as your pub crawl ticket also entitles you to free entrance into the hottest nightspot in town. And you have never seen a club like this before. Located in a massive stone fortress the club has the most spectacular light shows you have ever seen and is also host to the most sought after DJ’s on the planet.

ziggy star revelin


With the Ziggy Star Dubrovnik Pub Crawl you night out will be a night out to remember. And yes you’ll certainly remember it as the team from Ziggy Star have a personal photographer who follows your group all night catching all those moments (and yes some might be embarrassing) for you to upload on your social media accounts in the morning.

By 10.00am the next day you’ll have all the “proof” of a thumping night out as the photos arrive in your inbox! Check them out here

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We know what you’re asking “sounds great but how does it cost?” All this comes for only 250 Kuna (or 33 Euros).


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