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Tasted  by the Editor - Villa Rose Tasted by the Editor - Villa Rose Ivana Smilovic

Tasted by the Editor - Villa Rose

Written by  Mark Thomas Aug 21, 2017

Every week The Dubrovnik Times goes to new levels for your pleasure. This time it’s all about culinary pleasure. We have scoured the menus of Dubrovnik to bring you our favourites. And not only did we just research the menus we have gone that extra step and tasted the food in advance for you...its hard work but someone has to do it. This week I visited a new and stunning restaurant – Villa Rose.

villa rose kolocep

Location, location, location  

It is never easy to describe sheer beauty in words. However hard you try it always seems insufficient. Over the years I have been lucky to eat in the best restaurants in Dubrovnik, they all have a certain quality and of course a very high level of cuisine. However one that has always avoided me is the Villa Rose on the picturesque island of Kolocep. Maybe it was the very fact it is located away from the maddening crowds could be the reason why it has been off my radar. I changed that fact last week. Wow!

villa rose main course

Food, glorious food 

If you can imagine the most perfect location then Villa Rose beats that. - Built in 1930 by a rich merchant from Dubrovnik and dedicated as a symbol of love to his wife. This unique haven of peace and serenity is certainly one of the most romantic places on the Adriatic Coast – states the restaurant, they aren’t wrong. In such an idyllic location you could pretty much serve hamburgers and French fries and it would be the best meal you have ever experienced. For that is the key word – experience.

 villa rose selfie

Villa Rose is an eating experience. But when you combine these drop dead gorgeous views with a spectacular menu then you have all the keys for sheer eating brilliance. “Our menu pays attention to the traditions of the region and also combines a modern flair,” explained the manager. He wasn’t wrong. All of the ingredients are locally sourced from small family grocers meaning its fresh all the way. Even the bread is homemade every day. One thing that I would certainly recommend is the tasting menu.

 octopus salad villa rose

Creative cuisine on the island of Kolocep 

Either 5-course or the full on 7-course these are menus specially designed by the head chef and really show off his profession to the maximum. Describing the cuisine would be just as hard as the location. Recent additions to the restaurant include a lounge area where guests can enjoy “just a cup of coffee and a slice of cake” with views over the bay of Kolocep.

Needless to say it’s lovingly prepared with a creative touch. - With the most beautiful terrace in the Dubrovnik area, the restaurant makes an ideal location for all occasions – for a group lunch, a romantic wedding venue, or a perfect spot for your business meeting or teambuilding. And what a destination for a wedding, the restaurant even has its own “chapel like” area where weddings can be held. This is romance with a capital R!

villa rose view

There are worse views in the world 


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