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Tutto Bene in Lapad Tutto Bene in Lapad

Tutto Bene – Dubrovnik’s iconic fast food destination

Written by  Aug 09, 2017

Summer is a time for relaxation and living life in the slow lane, a slow motion vacation style way of life. But not everything has to be slower in the summer months in Dubrovnik, the food can be fast. And when it comes to quality fast food in Dubrovnik the “in” spot is Tutto Bene.

Tutto Bene, as the name suggests, is the destination for quality food on the run in Dubrovnik. You don’t have time to lose in a restaurant or want a quick bite to eat to kill those hunger pangs – Tutto Bene should be your target.

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Are you hungry yet?

With the well-known Tutto Bene fast food within the historic Old City on the Puca Street and the other on the promenade in the bay of Lapad where you can enjoy the many different types of pizza, burgers, cheeseburgers, kebabs, tortillas, sandwiches, nuggets, amongst other. And soon Dubrovnik will have another Tutto Bene restaurant in Dubrovnik.

tutto bene dubrovnik lapad

Tutto Bene Lapad

The Tutto Bene in the Lapad Bay has a spacious seating area and a la carte service in a beautiful setting surrounded by nature and a light summer breeze. And in the Old City you’ll find a wide range of pizzas of offer and yes they sell them by the slice as well. In fact even if you only fancy a coffee of an ice-cold juice then Tutto Bene in the Old City is a great option. And if you have a sweet tooth try one of the freshly baked cakes, cheesecakes, chocolate and fruit cakes or a fluffy chocolate mousse.

Tutto Bene is always the right choice!

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