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Tasted by the Editor - Restaurant Orsan

Written by  Mark Thomas Jun 28, 2017

Every week The Dubrovnik Times goes to new levels for your pleasure. This time it’s all about culinary pleasure. We have scoured the menus of Dubrovnik to bring you our favourites. And not only did we just research the menus we have gone that extra step and tasted the food in advance for you...its hard work but someone has to do it. This week I visited one of my favourite restaurants in Dubrovnik.

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If you are looking for great food, fast service and unforgettable front line to the sea dining then there is only one destination – Restaurant Orsan. Located in the suburb of Lapad in the Orsan Yacht Club the restaurant is one of the iconic eateries in the city. It is just a spectacular place to eat, and once you have found a table you just won’t want to leave. “We have introduced something new for this year,” explained the manager. “It is our take on tapas or light snacks,” he added.

Yes, apart from the creative “normal” menu the restaurant has added a new list of snacks. Now when you think about snacks you might think crisps, sandwiches and alike...this is nothing like that. These are traditional Dalmatian style snacks with a twist. Smoked ham, octopus, shrimps, prawns...well you get the gist. The idea is quite new and different and although I was suspicious at first I have to admit I was sold after the first dish arrived. Served in a decorative style on long plates the snacks (or tapas) are meant for one but you could also share.

orsan 4


The first dish was a smoked ham and cheese mixture with various cheeses and salad – not bad for only 50 Kuna! Then we moved onto to octopus carpaccio (again delicious) and mozzarella cornflakes (sounds a little weird but it really works). The an idea struck me, all of the dishes range between 25 Kuna to 65 Kuna, so why not order between two people six different dishes and a bottle of wine and have a lunch of a thousand tastes. These snacks are served from 8am to 4pm every day. Try my mix and match idea, combine tastes and flavours and have fun with Dalmatian cuisine.

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Ivana Zajca 2 – Dubrovnik
Tel: +385 (0) 20 436 822
Snacks available - Monday to Sunday 8am to 4pm

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