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Beware the south wind seas Beware the south wind seas

25th of February is a D-Day for Dubrovnik weather

Written by  Feb 26, 2017

The Dubrovnik weather was particularly bad yesterday, high seas, pouring rain and gale force southerly winds. And it would seem that the 25th of February has a history of terrible weather in the city.

In 1879 a crashing storm hit Dubrovnik and unbelievably lifted and threw a 3,159 kilogram stone into the Adriatic from the Porporela breakwater on the front of the walled city. This huge 3 tonne stone was displaced from the breakwater and dumped into the sea, and today the same stone is engraved with a remembrance of this event. It reads – This stone which weighs 3,159 kilos was thrown out in the storm of 1879.

stone porporela

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