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The Last Jedi – Star Wars VIII gets a name and a release date

Written by  Jan 23, 2017

Star Wars Episode VIII has finally been given its true name – The Last Jedi. After months of speculation and rumours the latest Star Wars has a name and a release date.

The Last Jedi will be released on the 15th of December 2017. The blockbuster was partially filmed in Dubrovnik with numerous locations around the historic Old City used.

From the 9th of March last year filming in Dubrovnik started and most of the shooting was done along the main street that runs through the centre of Dubrovnik, the Stradun. In fact this medieval street was transformed into a galaxy far, far away and even had stunt cars racing up and down.

Although many star actors were rumoured to come to Dubrovnik in the end only body doubles turned up. One thing is for sure Star Wars fans in the city will wait with expectancy to see their city in the latest movie.

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