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Which Types Of Careers Are Strongest For Remote Work? Canva

Which Types Of Careers Are Strongest For Remote Work?

Written by  Jul 04, 2024

Within the last five years, we've seen dramatic shifts in what is considered a normal work routine. Traditional nine-to-five work in an office setting dropped off significantly, and remote work was suddenly pushed to the forefront. It quickly gained popularity with workers for a host of reasons, and here are a few industry areas where it really took off.

Customer Service

Specialist customer service is employed by every company bigger than a startup. The support ranges from general retail queries for online shops, to specific details on payments, software, and site navigation in places like casino sites. Any major online casino will be packed with a wide range of different types of games, whether that's slots, table games or unique titles, as well as offers and unique features. Large numbers of customer questions on how everything works are entirely expected and thanks to this, this particular industry a huge customer service recruiter with VIP service agents adding a level on top of that.

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Considering that much of the industry was already working remotely, in the sense that customer service centers were often located elsewhere from the businesses they catered to, this shift was straightforward. It is now quite common to have agents working from home in customer service, and it remains one of the most remote-first careers out there.

Software Development

This is another wide-ranging category, as it actually contains a near-endless amount of specialities, from mobile app development all the way through to AI engineering. It's also one of the most in-demand skills in the world, with millions of developers active at any one time, including those both in full-time employment and individual start-ups. The number is rapidly growing as well, as it's one of the few areas where self-trained workers can be as successful as traditionally qualified ones.

While these could be solo operators or working in teams, the most interesting thing is that much of this work was done remotely even when remote work was less popular. It was an area of work where in-person meetings and coordination were always less common, and thanks to a raft of project management software on the lines of Jira, companies can now operate just as well as they would face-to-face.

Human Resources

Of all the job types out there, human resources initially feels like one that would suffer from being conducted remotely. It's a role that inherently requires connections between humans, and that has always been something best done in person. However, as the amount of remote and cross-border employees has increased, having HR agents locally available is nearly impossible.

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This is why specialists trained to do their work remotely are becoming more and more in demand as time goes on. Conducting things like interviews or catch-up meetings via Skype or Zoom has become the new normal in many cases, and new software packages have been released specifically to address this. With remote work set to only grow in popularity, this may even become more standard than traditional methods.

As of 2024, there are certainly some large companies that have forced the shift back to office-based work. However, these changes have not gone down well, and we're expecting to see remote work, and all the roles above, gradually become the only option.

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