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373 Million Europeans Set to Vote in Crucial European Parliament Elections Canva

373 Million Europeans Set to Vote in Crucial European Parliament Elections

Written by  Jun 07, 2024

On Sunday, around 373 million Europeans will be voting in the European Parliament elections, thereby participating in shaping the future of European democracy. This is a unique opportunity for citizens to express their opinions on issues they care about. A total of 720 members will be elected to the next composition of the European Parliament.

The European elections in Croatia will be held on Sunday. Voting rights in Croatia are granted to Croatian citizens over 18 years of age. Voting is also possible at polling stations abroad under certain conditions. Under specific conditions, mobile European citizens also have the right to vote. The 2024 European Parliament elections are the tenth parliamentary elections of the European Union.

Voters in Croatia will elect 12 representatives to the European Parliament. According to EU law, all member states must use electoral systems that ensure proportional representation, meaning that the number of elected representatives from each party depends on the proportion of votes the party receives. Croatia uses a preferential voting system, which means that the voter circles the serial number in front of the name of the candidate list on the ballot paper. If a voter wants to give a preferred vote to an individual candidate on that list, they also circle the serial number in front of the candidate's name and surname. This gives that candidate an advantage on the list for which they are voting and a better chance of being elected.


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