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Online Casino Trends in Australia for 2024

Written by  Apr 19, 2024

Emerging technologies continue to improve the online gambling scene. In this article, we will familiarise you with the latest trends you should expect at any online casino Australia 2024. Read to learn how virtual reality, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence are taking online gambling to the next level.

Integration of Cryptocurrency Payments

More and more licenced Australian casinos are integrating a wide variety of cryptocurrency methods into their payment systems. And this can only be good news to Aussie players, as these options offer a faster and cheaper way of topping up casino accounts. Below, we’ve listed the main advantages of crypto payments:

·         Smaller fees

·         Instant deposits and withdrawals

·         Unbreakable privacy

·         Money Could Be Kept Offline for Increased Security

Rise of Virtual Reality (VR) in Real-Life Online Pokies in Australia and Other Casino Games

2024 may be the year virtual reality totally transforms online casino gaming. More and more games that support VR goggles are popping up at Australian online casinos. Some operators even dedicate entire sections to VR casino gaming. This can only be good news for Aussie players, who are geared for more immersive experiences.

Expansion of Live-Dealer Options

The popularity of live-dealer games has been increasing in the last five years. The increased engagement and boosted social factors have been major reasons for this. This trend is maintained in 2024, too, when we’ve seen new titles emerge and some new intriguing features emerge. Here’s what to expect:

·         New titles by key providers like Evolution, Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming

·         New games by newcomers like VivoGaming and MediaLive

·         Integration of VR into live-dealer games

·         Improved accessibility

·         Better Graphics

Implementation of AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are also making their presence known at Australian online casinos, and the bubble is likely to keep expanding. Improved chatbots and security measures, personalised gaming experience and smarter gaming bots for table games are just a small part of what to expect in any real-money pokies app in Australia. It’s hard to predict how this trend will turn, but it’s a fair bet that the answer to the question ‘What are the best online pokies in Australia?’ will soon be ‘Those with AI’. To cap the expected changes courtesy of AI:

·         Personalised user experience and game recommendations at casinos

·         Customer service is faster and more effective

·         Face recognition, fraud detection, and better data protection for improved security

·         Better gaming bots for single-player table games

·         AI-driver analytical systems to help you improve your betting patterns


The Australian online casino scene continues to transform positively thanks to new technologies. Aussies can expect faster and cheaper cryptocurrency payments, more live-dealer games, and new VR features for a more immersive experience. And while it’s yet to grow solid roots, signs of improvement via AI and machine learning are already appearing at some Australian online casinos in 2024.


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