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Konavle comes to Buckingham Palace Konavle comes to Buckingham Palace Facebook

Konavle comes to Buckingham Palace

By  Dec 11, 2016

Buckingham Palace had a touch of Konavle this week. At a diplomatic dinner hosted by Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace on Friday evening Tomislav Vlahutin and Rujana Vučićević arrived in traditional folk costume from the Konvale region. This annual dinner for the diplomatic corps is organised by the Queen and although formal dress is required diplomats are encouraged to attend in their country’s national costumes.

Vlahutin, who is a first secretary in the Croatian consulate in London, decided to come to the event in Konavle traditional dress. And according to Vlahutin Prince Charles commented that he felt “Slightly underdressed,” when he saw the colourful dress. He added that we would like to thank Marina Desin and Pero Grbic who prepared the dress and Romana Vlasic, the director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, who brought the costumes to London.

All the members of the royal family stopped and talked with our diplomats on this special evening, so the colourful Konavle costume has been seen by the entire Royal family.

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