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How To Leverage Your Instagram For Threads For A Mutual Marketing Benefit Canva

How To Leverage Your Instagram For Threads For A Mutual Marketing Benefit

Written by  Aug 15, 2023

Meta’s new social media platform, Threads, has taken over the digital world by storm. Breaking the record for the most signed up social media debuts, with over 100 million active users right now. Some could say, Threads is coming not only for Twitter’s, but Instagram’s crown too. Being linked with Instagram, digital marketers, business owners, and influencers now have a unique opportunity to leverage their ads and marketing using either platform while benefiting from both!

A Little Bit About How Threads Works

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As of now, Threads offers a post feature with a 500 character limit in length (which you obviously can add on because it’s... threads). You can attach any visual you like, be it an image or a video (5 minute length limit); you can also link whatever you want. As for the feed, the current feed shows you content from your followers. There’s no sponsored content, nor are there any ads. YET!

Speaking of your feed and followers, you can switch between two or more different accounts quite easily. This is because, whatever number of Instagram accounts you own, you can register a separate Threads account for each. A great way to keep your business and personal-use social media pages apart.

With no trending pages or anything of the sort thus far, Threads does promise to offer its users a “Specific Feed” option soon. This will enable you to view and engage in more niche topics, perhaps those related to the industry you operate in, or your hobbies and interests.

Who Is On Threads & Why Should You Be There Too

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Who’s on Threads? Everyone. All the big brands, celebrities, and influencers signed up on the platform as soon as it was launched. From Selena’s beloved Rare Beauty promoting their newest eyebrow contour stick, to Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts subtly shading each other, the FOMO symptom is real.

And did you know that none of them let their followers know using other social media, announced it on their IG Story (which most still did; kudos to them for that), or advertised themselves in any way to gain the following on Threads? This is precisely because of the linking thing. As soon as your account is registered, your Instagram followers, who also signed up for Threads, automatically become your followers on the platform.

So, if you are an influencer or a business owner, you need to be on Threads too. If it happens that you have no large following on Instagram but are aiming to target Threads specifically, buy Threads followers, reshares, and likes from third party platforms to boost organic growth there. It will eventually benefit your Instagram page anyway.

Leveraging Your Instagram For Threads & The Other Way Around

So, since Threads is so unique and promising, what can you do to benefit from it and leverage your marketing ventures?

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Cross-promo with an interesting offering:

To do the following things, use your Instagram account to make more people sign-up on Threads. Cross promote your Instagram content to your Threads followers and provide a link to maximize engagement on both platforms.

  • Things like giveaways, discounts and special offers just for your Threads followers;
  • Flash sale, limited time offers and limited membership opportunities exclusive to Threads followers;
  • Asking questions, opinions and feedback; basically, starting discussions and boosting engagement;

Threads-exclusive product launch:

If it’s threads-exclusive, then how are you supposed to benefit from it for your Instagram, you might ask. By teasing. If you are launching something, anything, tease it on your Instagram (Story would be the best choice for this) and make an announcement about having a big reveal on Threads. For it to actually interest people:

  • Create audience relevant message and intriguing visuals;
  • Make sure it’s of quality on both platforms;
  • Do a little follow up post-launch (offers or a discount for the first X amount of buyers);

Polls, contests, & feedback:

Again, you can use Instagram story poll features to ask about an activity on Threads (you don’t even have to keep it positive here; a question like “Do you guys like Threads? Is it working for you?” could interest someone enough to sign up, and boom, you've got a new follower). Similarly, ask for feedback on Threads about something you did on Instagram (“Has everyone seen our new product? Have you tried it yet?”)

These are just a few ideas you can do to leverage your Instagram for Threads, and the other way around. Being a brand new platform, there are not many features that could enable you to create a super complex ad strategy yet. In any case, with the way it’s growing at such a rapid pace, Threads seems like it’s here to stay and develop into one of the biggest social media platforms.

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