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Croatia has become a hotspot for British holidaymakers. Here’s why Unsplash

Croatia has become a hotspot for British holidaymakers. Here’s why

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Aug 15, 2023

With its sun-drenched islands and its impressive scenery combining gorgeous beaches on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, majestic mountain cliffs, and picturesque towns, it’s not at all surprising that Croatia has become a top holiday destination for tourists all around the world. However, out of all the nations that set foot on Croatian land to explore its treasures, it appears that Brits are the ones who love it the most.

Pre-pandemic figures show that Croatia has long been a favourite of British holidaymakers. In the first half of 2018, approximately 1.4 million UK citizens travelled to this Adriatic gem to enjoy their vacations, marking a 40% increase from the previous year. Overnight stays by UK visitors also increased considerably, going from 3.3 million in 2016 to 4.6 million in 2019.

It’s easy to reduce Croatia’s appeal to looks alone. After all, it’s enough to see a few pictures from some of its beautiful beaches and holiday resorts to understand why tourists flock to it every year. However, there’s much more to this small Mediterranean country than meets the eye, as British tourists have come to discover, and we’re going to unravel its secrets one by one.

All the sunshine that Brits crave

Croatia is blessed with a very mild and pleasant Mediterranean climate which means that summers are warm and dry, with temperatures ranging on average from 26 to 30°C along the coast, 22 to 26°C in the continental region and 15 to 20°C in the mountainside. Also, holidaymakers can enjoy ten to twelve hours of sunshine every day.

We don’t want to put salt on the wound, but everyone knows how moody and gloomy British weather can be. Therefore, Croatia’s balmy summers with soft breezes and comfortable temperatures are like a breath of fresh air for sun-starved British tourists.


Brits seem to love exotic holiday destinations along with all the great weather and sunshine they promise almost as much as they like to complain about their own weather. But they’re not always willing to travel long distances to enjoy these perks.

Fortunately, British tourists don’t need to jump on long-haul flights to bask in the sun on a pristine beach as Croatia can offer an exotic escape without the hustle and bustle of a long journey. There are numerous direct flights to Croatia departing from most UK airports, so Brits can get to their preferred destination in as little as two and a half hours. This makes finding a cheap flight to Croatia as easy as booking airport parking Manchester.

What’s more, travelling around the country has also become a lot easier in recent years due to investments in the local infrastructure. The roads are excellent and public transportation is cost-effective and convenient, allowing visitors to move around with ease.

A real treat for history buffs

Beyond Croatia’s breathtaking scenery lies a rich cultural and historical heritage waiting to be discovered. The country boasts a wealth of ancient sites and historic landmarks, including three UNESCO World Heritage sites – the historic city of Trogir, the Palace of Diocletian in Split and the Euphrasian Basilica of Poreč – that stand testimony to its fascinating past.

Every city and town in Croatia oozes with history, so visiting this country will feel like taking a trip back in time and seeing different eras and events unfold right in front of your eyes. Considering that most Brits have an appreciation for history and heritage, Croatia really strikes a chord with them.

Mouth-watering cuisine

It’s a well-known fact that Brits have a soft spot for international cuisines and they’re not afraid to try new dishes. Well, Croatia checks the box for diversity and variety when it comes to food and drinks as it combines different culinary cultures, with the Mediterranean and Central Europe cuisines being the most dominant. From the hot and spicy čobanac, a traditional slow-cooked stew, to the decadent dagnje na buzaru, a Mediterranean mussel stew, there are plenty of flavourful dishes for British tourists to taste.

Gorgeous beaches and natural parks

You probably don’t need us to remind you that Croatia’s coastline boasts some of the most stunning beaches in Europe that can easily rival those on the French Cote d'Azur or the Italian Riviera. Between the islands and the mainland, Croatia totals almost 2,500 miles of coastline, encompassing both rocky regions and soft sand beaches stretched along its clear blue waters.

The diversity of the islands and the seaside landscape as well as the numerous activities one can enjoy here, from snorkelling and diving to wildlife watching or sailing is what keeps British visitors coming back year after year. For UK holidaymakers, planning a beach escape in Croatia is as easy as booking a flight to one of the islands, packing their bags, leaving their car at Stansted parking and then starting their island-hopping adventure.

Exciting party scene

If there’s one thing you can’t accuse Brits of is not knowing how to have a great time. In fact, they may be a bit too good at it which has prompted local Croatian authorities to introduce new measures for keeping unruly tourist behaviour in check. While the regulations don’t specifically target British citizens, there have been reports of tourists from the UK causing havoc in popular Croatian destinations.

But despite the newly imposed restrictions, Brits can still enjoy Croatia’s vibrant nightlife and its lively party scene in cities like Dubrovnik, Split, Pag Island or Hvar, as long as they party responsibly.

Final thoughts

Croatia is one of those holiday destinations that pack a punch as it offers a lot more than one would expect. For the rest of the world, Croatia might remain an undiscovered gem, but for Brits, it’s no secret that this wonderful country is a rare find and they seem to be enjoying it to the fullest.

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