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How Dubrovnik Became the World's Newest Travel Obsession Canva

How Dubrovnik Became the World's Newest Travel Obsession

Written by  Aug 15, 2023

Dubrovnik is an historic city on the coast of Croatia whose tourism has exploded in the last decade. Previously known mostly for its rich history and stunning architecture, Dubrovnik is now a tourist hotspot. The numbers don’t lie — tourists from all over the world are flocking to this Croatian gem more than ever before.

The Game of Thrones Effect

Until its anticlimactic ending, Game Of Thrones (GoT) was everywhere in popular culture. The enchanting city of Dubrovnik featured heavily in filming, leading to an influx of tourist interest. This spurred budget airlines to expand their routes, connecting this once-overlooked destination with major European cities.

Today it’s easy to find cheap flights to Dubrovnik if you know where to look. Smart travelers will know to take advantage of eDreams offers on low-cost flights and holiday packages. Finding your way to the Adriatic Coast is a much simpler process today than it was even just 10 years ago.

Fans of GoT flock around key filming locations within the city. Fort Lovrijenac was featured in the show as ‘The Red Keep’ and Pile Gate was where many fierce battle scenes were filmed. Walking the cobblestone streets makes fans feel like they’ve been transported to Westeros, adding another exciting layer to keep them engaged.

This popularity has had a snowball effect. The international media’s focus on Dubrovnik put it on the map, and then tourists and influencers sharing their experiences kept the momentum going. Although the chatter of GoT has quietened down somewhat, the tourism sector of Dubrovnik certainly has not.

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A Blend of Climate and Culture

Some other factors have ensured the momentum of Dubrovnik’s tourism industry has continued. More and more people are now aware of what makes it such a great destination, even absent the TV series filming locations.

Dubrovnik's climate is a significant draw for tourists, boasting warm summers and mild winters. This temperate weather means that the city remains appealing year-round to those seeking either sun-soaked beaches or crisp winter strolls along its famous walls. The city's rich history also adds to this allure. Once known as the Republic of Ragusa, Dubrovnik was an important location in the Middle Ages. The city was a maritime republic until it came under Austrian rule in 1815.

Relative affordability sets Dubrovnik apart from other European destinations, too. The increased popularity has raised prices, but there are still bargains to be had. Luxury hotel options are also available for those looking to splurge.

Food is another winner. Given its geographical location, seafood is a popular choice. You’ll find traditional Croatian dishes like black risotto made with squid ink and octopus salad. There’s also a range of different dining options — everything from fine dining to street food vendors. There’s even a handful of Michelin-starred restaurants for those wanting an upscale experience.

Dubrovnik has evolved from a historic coastal city to a global must-visit spot. Balancing tourism and authenticity is vital so that visitors can enjoy the real Dubrovnik. Head over to the Croatian coast to soak in the history, culture, and stunning landscapes that make this city truly unique.

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