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Five worst restaurants in Dubrovnik Five worst restaurants in Dubrovnik

The top five WORST restaurants you chose in Dubrovnik

Written by  Nov 16, 2016

We have brought you the best restaurants in Dubrovnik according to TripAdvisor so it seems only fair to bring you the worst restaurants as well. With so many restaurants to choose from in Dubrovnik you will need a little help along the way to avoid the tourist traps and the fleapits.

So we have trawled the most popular travel website in the world and listed for you the sinners and not the winners. We used the criteria of a minimum of ten reviews to make this list of the top five worst restaurants in Dubrovnik. Some of these restaurants received many terrible reviews and many of them as recent as the past week.

The fifth worst restaurant in Dubrovnik according to TripAdvisor is Gostionica Stella located just off the Stradun in the heart of the historic core of the Old City of Dubrovnik. Not many reviews from you, the public, here only 17 but of those 7 were the lowest grade – terrible!

Originally enticed by the restaurant by the prices and the friendly older gentlemen who seemed to be the owner of the restaurant. Good measure of wine, and that's where the positives end. Food was poor, service wasn't great, really wish we sent the food back. Ross B, Cardiff, United Kingdom

The next eatery on the list of shame, the fourth worst, is Restaurant Uvala in Lapad. A busy promenade surrounded by many hotels means that this area of Dubrovnik is always a popular place to stop for a bite to eat. And although many restaurants in this suburb are getting it right, some are getting it completely wrong. From a total of 65 reviews a whopping 23 ranked this restaurant as terrible.

We stopped for a drink and made the mistake of staying for dinner. We waited an eternity for mushrooms stuffed with ham and cheese, truly awful. We could see into the kitchen and had seen the "chef" chopping something and putting it into his mouth while dressing the plates...only to have our foods come out of the microwave (after seeing him put it there) in about a minute. Main course was just as bad. Mixed vegs were cold as were the potatoes. JudyanneT - Edmonton, Canada

We continue with the top five worst restaurants in Dubrovnik with another Lapad eatery, Konoba Uvala. At third on our TripAdvisor list of the worst places to eat in Dubrovnik this Lapad based restaurants seems to have plenty of room for improvement. From 35 customers reviews a total of 10 were the lowest ranked, terrible.

We decided to try this restaurant because we were looking for seafood, and the menu listed a mixed seafood platter for 2 that sounded really good. The mussels were OK, but the fish was dry and tasteless. The vegetables appeared to be mixed frozen overcooked mushy vegetables, not fresh real veggies.
sunshyn468 - Fresno, California

At the second worst restaurant in Dubrovnik, the silver medal winner is Konoba Longo. Another restaurant based in the heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik, the main magnet for tourists. With a massive 143 reviews or which an impressive, or should we say unimpressive, 54 terrible rankings.

It is not very often that I give a bad review but we had a terrible experience at this place. The staff attempted to rip us off by overcharging for a piece of butter and then threatening to call the police! We didn't even get to taste the so called sandwich that we had ordered.
Takapuna - Auckland, New Zealand

far from pleasant

Bon appetit - Photo TripAdvisor 

And the winner, or loser, of the worst restaurant in the Dubrovnik region, at least according to your reviews on TripAdvisor is Restaurant Gusti. Again located in the vey centre of the Old City of Dubrovnik this restaurant “won” an amazing 216 terrible reviews from a total of 471. One of the latest reviews written in October this year read as follows.

What a say the least! A charming host came to greet us in old town while deciding where to eat. He offered us a complementary drink and discount if we were to decide on choosing his restaurant...what a mistake that was!
LickMyPlateMTL - Montreal, Canada

food dubrovnik awful

Not so pleasant - Photo TripAdvisor 



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