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How Do Engagement Rings Hold Their Value

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 19, 2023

Engagement rings are for a lifetime. Therefore, their value and quality are vital considerations to make when buying them. Known brands like Moissanite rings are a favorite due to their amazing quality running throughout the years. When buying engagement rings, everyone is interested in the value of this important jewelry. They are not only concerned about the current value but also a fluctuation of the same.

Whether a set of rings will hold its value or not depends on various reasons and explanations. Most importantly, the components making up your engagement rings are the key determinants of their value. Therefore, your engagement ring assessment starts from their material composition among other things. In that case, your engagement rings can hold their value based on these considerations.

A look into the Value of Engagement Rings

If you want to buy engagement rings that will last and keep their value, you have to make some important considerations. The value of a ring depends on several things such as the materials used to make it. These include the metals that are usually platinum or gold among others. Other materials include the center stone usually several side stones and very small decorative stones.

Each of the materials used in making engagement rings adds to its value. All these materials depend on the market and the overall demand for them with time. Additionally, it helps to consider the evaluation techniques used over time and the various aspects examined with more importance. Here are key points on how engagement rings hold their value:

  1. Value of the Ring Metal

The resale value of your engagement ring will depend on the metal value among other things. The price of metals normally has a spot price. However, they fluctuate based on the demand and supply in the market. Therefore, the few grams in every ring are significant enough to influence its value in future.

Metals in engagement rings retain or lose value based on their initial purity. Therefore, the purest will keep their quality for a long time and will fetch a good price later on.

  1. The Center Stone

One of the striking features of an engagement ring is the center stone. It is the most valuable aspect of a ring and accounts for up to 95% of the overall ring value. Therefore, it is an important factor to determine the value of your engagement ring.

Center stones with a unique history and qualities like Moissanite can hold their value over the years. However, center stones are complex and are difficult to assess their value and price.

  1. Accent Gemstones

The pricing for accent diamonds comes with weight. An important point to remember is that a carat weight of accent gems is not the same as a single gem of the same weight. This is so because you cannot easily find a gem of that size.

Rare gems are more valuable than commonly available options. Therefore, the value of a ring with a large single stone will hold for a long time than those with accent diamonds.

  1. Ring Design and Brand

The quality of the design will also determine the value of your engagement rings. Better-branded designs are usually of a higher value than simple ring designs. Therefore, they will hold their value over time. In that case, it is an important consideration to make.

Luxury ring designs and brands such as Tacori, Tiffany and others will have a high retail and resale value. Companies known for high-quality gems in making engagement rings often attract high value for their products.

  1. Gemstone Grading

Grading for gemstones attests to the qualities contained in your engagement ring. Most importantly, it costs money to grade these gemstones. For that reason, engagement rings for sale with grading documentation fetch a higher value than those without.

If you buy an engagement ring without any paperwork, you probably would not tell its qualities or assess its value. A buyer making an offer for a non-graded ring will do so without offering a value worth it.

Engagement rings hold their value based on their make, design, quality and brand among other things. Therefore, it is important to ascertain the components of your ring before buying it. That way, you will stand a good chance of buying something that will hold its value for a long period.

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