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Thanksgiving with Olight-Surprise Your Friends & Family Members! Olight

Thanksgiving with Olight-Surprise Your Friends & Family Members!

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Dec 03, 2022

Olight flashlights are fantastic for multi-purpose uses like lighting, rescuing, surveilling. But have you ever thought about the Olight flashlights as gifts for thanksgiving parties or celebrations?

Yes, you can make a brilliant gift idea for thanksgiving festivals with Olight Obulb Pro multi-color light, i3T super LED flashlight, i5R crystalized titanium EDC flashlight and more. It will be a surprising item, indeed.

Moreover, you can mesmerize your thanksgiving party participants with stunning decorations using multicolor bulb lights and flashlights. You can make your special moment more precious with colorful lighting effects.

Here is all about the Olight multi-color lights and flashlights for thanksgiving festivals. So, let’s see how Olight can offer me a more gorgeous and glamorous thanksgiving party than ever.


Thanksgiving with Olight Obulb Pro Multicolor Bluetooth App Control Light




Obulb Pro multicolor light is Olight’s first app-controlled Bluetooth-enabled light for indoor and outdoor use. The multifunctional light is ideal for thanksgiving parties, Christmas celebrations, anniversary occasions, nighttime reading, sweet sleeping, camping, and more. Get more about the light here.

Why is Olight Obulb Pro Multicolor Bluetooth Light Ideal for Thanksgiving Party?

You must check the features and functions of light before considering it for a thanksgiving party or an occasion like the Christmas celebration. So, let’s see the features of the Olight Obulb Multifunctional light.

  • Multicolor Light: When color comes to a close consideration for a thanksgiving party, the Olight Obulb Pro multicolor light stands ahead. It is available with a white, red, green, blue, red flash, cycle, and fade between seven more colors. Therefore, it looks ideal for thanksgiving festivals, occasions, and events.
  • Bluetooth App Control: The Obulb Pro is Olight’s first Bluetooth app control light that supports the Olight app for remote control. It lets you turn on or off the light and change the brightness level or color mode from a distant location. Moreover, you can share a QR code to let your group members control the light together. And it is shareable and operable with eight groups maximum. 
  • Maximum Runtime: Lighting time is an important issue for most thanksgiving party lights. Here the Olight Obulb Pro is a blessing for nighttime parties with 84 hours runtime maximum. The high-performing white LED & RGB LEDs offers a maximum of 240 lumens output. 
  • Magnetic Charging: The Obulb Pro has a 1650mAh 3.7V rechargeable built-in battery for powerful performance. It comes with a magnetic charging cable for the fastest and easiest charging anywhere. You can fully recharge the battery within three hours, lasting the next 84 hours. 
  • Smooth Attachment: With magnetic attachment and spherical shape, the Obulb Pro light is easy to attach on almost smooth surfaces. The adhesive metal badge withstands hard falling of the light. Moreover, the light is tougher than it looks with durable manufacturing materials.


Specifications of the Olight Obulb Pro Multicolor Thanksgiving Light:

  • Maximum Output
240 Lumens
  • Power Source
1650mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Light Source
White LED & RGB LEDs
  • Power Supply
USB Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Operational Mode
Rubber Coated Button
  • Controlling Mode
Bluetooth App Control
  • Body Diameter
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Waterproof
  • Use
Thanksgiving Parties, Nighttime events, Camping, Sleeping, and more


Summary of the Olight Obulb Thanksgiving Light:

The Olight Obulb Pro seems ideal for thanksgiving parties, nighttime events, Christmas celebrations, and other cheerful occasions. It mesmerizes minds with various eye-catching colors and brightness levels. Moreover, it is easy to operate with a Bluetooth app and convenient to attach anywhere with a magnetic adhesive metal badge. So, you can arrange a surprising thanksgiving party with the Olight Obulb Pro light.


Olight Thanksgiving Gift Item: i3T EOS Flashlight!


olight 2

The i3T EOS flashlight can be an ideal choice when planning for a simple but surprising gift idea for your beloved one at a thanksgiving party, nighttime event, or Christmas celebration. It looks elegant with engaging design and glamorous graphics. Find more about the Olight thanksgiving party gift light.

Why should You Choose Olight i3T EOS Flashlight for a Thanksgiving Party Gift?

The Olight i3T EOS flashlight is a great gift idea for thanksgiving party, Christmas celebration, and the personal party wishing. It enchants anyone with eye-glaring color and splendid graphics with a polished design. Let’s learn more about the features and functions of the flashlight.

  • Decent Design: Olight has developed the i3T EOS flashlight with simple but decent design. It comes with an elegant texture and stylish shape. The polished stainless steel has made the light more durable than the traditional flashlights. You will find the light in three more colors, including red, black, and polished stainless steel.
  • Powerful Performance: The manufacturer has empowered the flashlight with an AAA battery for powerful performance. It generates 180 lumens maximum output for both indoor and outdoor use. The flashlight offers a 196ft maximum beam distance by using the full potential of an AAA battery. 
  • Convenient Operation: With a tactical tail switch, the i3T EOS flashlight is easy to operate for momentary or constant and quick mode changing from 5 to 180 lumens. A hidden auxiliary spring underneath the tactical switch makes the operation more crispy and easier. 
  • Unique Milling: Olight has made the flashlight pretty anti-slippery with a double helix body knurling design. It offers a solid grip and unique style with a resembling DNA milling pattern. Therefore, you can make happy your beloved one with such a sleek flashlight.
  • Easy to Carry: The i3T EOS flashlight has a dual-direction upgraded pocket clip for a firm attachment into a thicker pants pocket or backpack strap. And the pocket entry clamp is wider enough for safer anchoring and easier carrying anywhere. The lightweight palm-sized flashlight offers an exciting illumination experience everywhere.


Specifications of the Olight i3T EOS Flashlight:

  • Maximum Output
180 Lumens
  • Power Source
1x1.5V AAA Battery
  • Light Source
  • Operational Mode
Tactical Tail Switch
  • Maximum Light Intensity
900 Candela
  • Low Run Time
16- Hours
  • Body Diameter
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Waterproof
  • Use
Indoor and Outdoor


Summary of the Olight i3T EOS Flashlight for Thanksgiving Gift:

When looking for a budget-friendly decent gift for your favorite one, the Olight i3T EOS flashlight can be a great gift idea. It will be a precious presentation with elegant design and unique style at any thanksgiving party or event. You can make your presence different from others with such a thanksgiving gift light.


Last but not Least!

Of course, there is no boundary of gifting ideas for the nearest and dearest persons on an occasion or thanksgiving party. However, you must choose the smartest and most unique something for your special someone. The Olight flashlights can be fascinating gifts for a particular event and occasion.

With unique illumination, the Olight Obulb Pro can make your party decoration more romantic and enchanting. It offers a different feeling with a multicolor combination in the party place. And the i3T EOS flashlight can be a meaningful gift for the host or guests at a thanksgiving party or on occasion.

Therefore, when you are confused about your thanksgiving party decoration and gift idea, you can rely on Olight’s illumination tool to bring a breakthrough over traditional presentations.


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