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Letter to the Editor - Frustrated at Croatian Post Office

By  Nov 11, 2016

Dear The Dubrovnik Times,

I came to Dubrovnik for the 74th time at the beginning of October this year and every time I come I send postcards to my family, friend and work colleagues. This year I wrote forty postcards and went to the Post Office in Trsteno to send them. On the 10th of October I sent them from the post office and still today, a month later, these postcards haven’t arrived.

I sent these postcards to numerous addresses in Germany, Croatia, Austria and Switzerland and in total it cost me over 100 Euros to send them. I am extremely disappointed! I have contacted the post office in and all they could tell we was “they will arrive, please have patience.”

I can only hope that the postcards will arrive in time for Christmas! Again I paid over 100 Euros for this in total and yet still haven’t received the postcards or an explanation from the post office, apart from “be patient.”

Dietmar Gamerith – Austria