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Live Casino 101: 5 Reasons to Play It Canva

Live Casino 101: 5 Reasons to Play It

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Sep 16, 2022

Online casinos are no longer a novelty, but a legit type of gambling that is taking the market by the storm. In this new gaming jungle, full of vibrant slot machines, elegant table games, and funky scratch cards, there is another gaming genre that seems to be taking over. We are talking about live casinos, of course.

Despite their immense popularity, there is still a huge number of players wondering what these live casino games are, and how they work. And trust us when we say there is no better person to talk about it than Anna Rosak, an online gaming expert with great experience in the industry.

What is a Live Casino?

Perhaps the best way to begin this short lecture is by providing our readers with a simple definition. “Live casino is a category in online gaming that is based on live-streaming. Dealers, located in special, often luxurious, studios, lead the game as they would in brick-and-mortar casinos. Thanks to modern technologies, you get to place bets in real time, without any delays”, explains the casino expert, adding that live casinos are an essential part of real money casinos like N1 casino.

Plethora of Games

One of the main benefits of live casino gaming is the mere abundance the live content suppliers have to offer. According to Rosak, users get access to far more titles than in any land-based casino, as live casinos never face the issues that come with a lack of space. Live gaming operators can add as many titles as they like, as they are all stored not in retail venues, but on servers.

“Players can click the screen and play roulette, baccarat, blackjack or casino poker. If they want to zhuzh things up, they can easily choose gaming shows, a crossover genre that combines all the existing games and then some. There are also Asian games, like sic bo, or dragon tiger. The list just goes on and on”, says Anna.

Real-Life Experience

Another advantage of live casino gaming is that you get a real casino experience for a fraction of the price. All dealers in these games are true professionals, with years of experience, that might as well be working at Caesar’s or Bellagio.

The equipment they use is also real, and the same as equipment in land-based venues. It is the real dice they are tossing, and real cards they are dealing. The only type of equipment you won’t find at traditional casinos is the one related to gaming shows.

“Gaming shows equipment is often custom-made to fit the theme and distinctive feel of every game. When a certain provider has a game of this kind, it can’t be found anywhere else. They copyright the game making sure not a single part of it, or its equipment finds the way to other providers and casinos”, reveals Rosak.

Human Interaction

Staying at home and playing games can be fun, yet lonely. For this reason, live gaming studios will typically add some sort of chat or messenger system you can use to talk to other gamers, greet the dealer, celebrate your wins, and cry over your losses.

“Live chats add a social element to the entire session. If you were at a brick-and-mortar casino, you would chat with people at their table, cheer for them and comfort them when they lose. To prevent you from feeling lonely, live casinos integrate the live chat feature”, adds Anna.

Live chats, however, can seem like a mixed bag. Plenty of players use them as intended to and keep the conversation natural, friendly and polite. Unfortunately, there are also players who take advantage of live chat and use it as an exhaustion pipe for all their frustration. If you can, make sure to report any insulting comments that are against the guidelines.


In the end, Anna wanted to remind everyone of another great thing about live casino gaming - accessibility. Live casino brings a dash of Las Vegas and Macao in your living room, no matter how small or modest it might be. Unless you play at VIP tables, the cost per hand will be quite affordable, plus you will get to skip additional costs like transportation and lodging.

“Lets’ not forget, you can also play any time of day, even if you have only a minute to spare. Play roulette and brush your teeth. Commute to work and play blackjack while on the bus. Spice up your lunch with a few hands of game shows. The world is your oyster”, Anna is thrilled but doesn’t miss the opportunity to warn our readers: “Once you decide what online game to pick, always remember to keep your gaming safe and responsible, and always bet only what you can afford to lose. And good luck!”

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