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The positive and negative sides of investing in bitcoins Canva

The positive and negative sides of investing in bitcoins

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Sep 02, 2022

The popularity of bitcoins has been increasing continuously since their invention; bitcoins are a digital currency that lets you do whatever you can with a real currency, that is, buy it, sell it, trade it or even pay your bills with it. The benefits of bitcoins can be why people get so lured into investing in them. But some people are still unsure if investing in bitcoins has more advantages than disadvantages; if you are one, refer to the article below to learn about bitcoins' positive and negative sides.

Pros of investing in bitcoins

Peer to peer

The transactions made by bitcoins do not involve any external body in the process; you do not need to take permission from anyone to make decisions; only the consent of the sender and receiver is required to make transactions; this makes it possible to transfer payments while having complete privacy and without the interference of any external body.

Lesser time and transaction fee

Since no intermediary is involved in the transaction process, the time of the payment being transacted gets reduced, as transactions through bitcoins do not require approval from anyone. Moreover, the absence of any third-party leads to reduced transaction costs, unlike the traditional banking systems where paying transaction fees gets inconvenient; you only have to pay a nominal transaction fee while making payments through bitcoins.

Future Scope

It is predicted that bitcoins are going to replace the financial trading system in the future; looking at the present scenario, you can say that this can be true in a short while because bitcoins have the potential to do that, and the fact that a significant number of people are getting interested in investing in them, proves the point. Also, it is clear that with the increasing popularity, the price of bitcoins will also experience hype, so those who have already started investing in bitcoins will experience significant profits in this situation.

Cons of investing in bitcoins


The increasing popularity of bitcoins gives scammers a perfect platform to execute their evil plans; these can be either getting their schemes endorsed by celebrities or using catchy phrases like guaranteed results or double your money while promoting their ideas. Moreover, scammers these days even blackmail people about getting their pictures and videos leaked in public if they do not pay them in crypto. Furthermore, it has been seen that scammers go to dating sites to trap innocent people in their gameplay by making them believe that they are in love with them; when the trust is built, they will ask the innocent prey to either give their private keys or their assets. To avoid the risks created by scams, you are advised to stay away from suspicious links and emails, as they might corrupt your system with a virus. Doing your research before making up your mind while partnering with someone or any institution sounds the best. Moreover, you should always log into your account using a secure network.

No fixed returns

Another major disadvantage of investing in bitcoins is that the profits are never fixed; you may spend more money than earning. So, it is advised never to spend a heavy amount and then regret losing it. The price of bitcoins can change overnight, and there is always a risk associated with investing in them; it would be better if you accept that you are not always going to earn profits, and losing is also an outcome of investing in bitcoins.

In conclusion, you would have gotten a clear image of the pros and cons of investing in bitcoins. The fact that bitcoins allow you to make rapid, safe transactions with lesser transaction cost and no external body involved is appealing enough to make someone consider investing in bitcoins. Still, these advantages cannot help you ignore the fact that there is a risk assisting you while trading in bitcoins. But proper prevention measures such as avoiding links from unknown users and researching before making decisions can be helpful, to learn about risk free trading, use BITLQ.NET. If you are excited to start trading in bitcoins along with managing the risk associated, it would be best if you start as early as possible because the early bird catches the worm.