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The Importance of Tree Care : 5 Basics The Importance of Tree Care : 5 Basics

The Importance of Tree Care : 5 Basics

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Aug 31, 2022

Trees are the main reason for oxygen, human and animal life. You must understand the importance of tree care.

Trees have ample benefits to the environment and animals, but when it comes to planting and taking care of them, they are the least of our priorities. After a busy weekend, we all want to go to some serene place where we experience nature and peace.

However, trees are one of the fundamental facts of nature. So many experts have mentioned water is one of the vital elements that can keep your trees healthy and manage their growth.

There are other essential treatments that you must know to take care of any trees, depending on the weather. However, pruning and removing dead wood or trees are necessary to maintain a healthy environment and for safety reasons.

Therefore, this blog post will discuss the importance of taking care of trees. Keep reading to know more.

The Importance of Tree Care

The trees can be your house guard from many elements. Such as, it can be used as a shade for privacy from neighbors and pedestrians. Also, your house front space looks beautiful where you can spend quality time with your family.

Moreover, trees are essential for safety, aesthetics, and many more reasons. Here we have mentioned some tree care and maintenance tips.

1. Watering

Water is crucial to surviving for trees or other living things, but lack or too much water can damage the tree roots.

Pests, transplant shock, and diseases will infect water-lacking trees. In addition, it can cause the tree's death, so you must keep the following tips we have mentioned below when you water.

  • The tree requires water to survive regularly from the starting to four years of its life, and watering will provide the strength that trees need for a healthy start.
  • You need to water trees according to the weather. On hot and humid days, you must avoid watering at noon, or their roots will burn out due to heat.
  • On cold days once a week, watering the trees, or they will soak much water and get damaged from inside.
  • In the rainy season, the trees will get water naturally, so avoid watering them.
  • The best time to water trees is in the morning.

However, if you think that great fertilizers can fix your damaged trees, then you're mistaken. Fertilizers are used to double the growth of the tree. Also, excessive water or fertilizer can damage the trees by affecting their growth and causing perishing.

2. Pruning

Pruning is one of the vital elements you must do to maintain a healthy life for your trees. If you don't prune the tree's specific limbs, then the tree will start to be damaged.

Moreover, branches will get infected by pests and will die eventually. So, by pruning the infected limb, you may save the entire tree that can damage your property as an infected branch might fall on your house or car.

Point to be noted, pruning and trimming are not the same. You need to be aware of the differences between pruning and trimming.

Also, pruning trees can maintain the perfect shape of the trees that looks crisp and clean.

  • Before deciding to prune the branches, you must know which ones must be pruned.
  • Damaged or dead branches hanging from the trees must be removed. It does not happen often, but once a year, you must check the health of the branches.
  • However, dead branches will open the gets for pests and diseases, spreading slowly to the whole tree.
  • To check the branches' health, inspect them visually, and if you doubt any branch, scrape with your finger. If the inside is brown and the outside is green, then it's completely damaged.
  • You can also bend the branch slightly to check if it is dead or not. If it bends, it means it's healthy, but if it breaks, it's dead.

3. Cabling

Cabling can fasten or double the high- strength of the tree. You can use steel cables and bolts from the bottom to the top crown area of the branches.

While growing, the tree creates shapes, and most of them might get divided into two different trees, also known as v-crotches, and eventually make them weak. In Storm, they won't handle the heavy and fast air pressure.

Mainly these types of trees or their weak branches fell into the houses, people or other stuff. So, cabling is the best option that can strengthen your tree.

Cables help to support the weak branches by joining them with stronger ones to secure them eventually.

It will secure the trees and hold the two large branches or stamps in the canopy. If you realize that your tree is developing v crotch, you must install the cables to support the tree as soon as possible.

4. Removal of dead trees

It doesn't sound nice, but sometimes trees must be removed from the courtyard, garden, or other places. However, only if they are risking the other trees. If any tree gets affected by an infection or disease, that specific tree must be removed to save the environment, ecosystem, and animals.

Whereas tree removal has a long process as it requires the advice of an arborist and government employees. Also, it should be done by professional tree pruning companies.

5. Colors of the leaves

Leaves are also a fundamental factor in checking the tree's overall health. According to the season, leaves will change their color from dark green, yellow and brown.

You are wrong if you think that only green leaves indicate the healthy life of trees. The leaves must be green in the spring and summer, but they will turn yellow or brown in the fall.

Alternatively, you must ensure that the leaves of the typical tree don't have yellow leaves in the spring or summer seasons. If not, there is a sign that you need to detect.

Discoloration or misshapen leaves might happen due to lack of nutrients, insect damage, disease, and pesticide harm.

Bottom Line

Many things could damage your trees, such as climate change, Strom, lack of watering, and many more. The importance of tree care is essential. So, you must ensure that trees on your property are regularly maintained and nurtured. Also, it's crucial because massive, cracked, and dead branches can be fallen into a car, people, or any structure that can cause severe damage.

Suppose you find holes, deformation in the leaves, absence of fruits or flowers, or irregular shape of branches. In that case, these are signs that the tree is exposed to disease due to uneven watering, over-fertilized, or too much sunlight. Also, the fruit trees are one the most targeted trees to catch pests. So you must take care of them accordingly.

If you are still concerned about the health of a tree on your property, it is best to consult a certified arborist in Atlas Tree or call them at (800) 478-7966. Their arborists can provide a comprehensive tree health assessment and recommend the best action to ensure proper tree management.

Atlas Tree has been Sonoma county’s number one tree care and management provider since 1982! For more than 30 years, atlas tree has provided the best and most comprehensive residential, commercial, and municipal tree care services for Sonoma county and the greater northern California area.

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