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Croatia Digital Nomad Visa: Application Requirements for Remote Work Canva

Croatia Digital Nomad Visa: Application Requirements for Remote Work

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Aug 22, 2022

As of 1/1/2021, a law in Croatia has opened the country to digital nomads who wish to carry out their working activities in the country. Although this permit is often referred to as a “digital Nomad Visa,” it is, in fact, not a Visa but rather a one-year residence permit.

In this post, we will try to collect helpful information regarding the requirements and application process for NON-EU citizens.

Documents required for digital nomad residence permit application

1. The first thing we should mention is that all documents that are not in English must be translated and notarized.

2. You will be required to fill in an application form to request residency. This form can be obtained from the Croatian embassy outside of Croatia or in any Croatian police station. The official website also offers a downloadable version.

3. You will need a copy of your passport or other travel documents. The ID must be valid for 3 months more than your intended stay in Croatia. If your passport is not in English, a translated and notarized copy will be required.

4. You will be asked to produce a background check from your home country or the last country you spent a year in before moving to Croatia. This document will prove that you have not been convicted of any criminal offenses. It is recommendable to get this before moving to Croatia to save time and hassle. If you are from the United States, a federal background check released by the FBI will be perfect.

5. You will need to demonstrate that you intend to work while in Croatia. To this end, ensure you have a contract or some other documents confirming that you currently work remotely for a communication technology company registered outside of Croatia.

6. You will be asked to present a valid health insurance policy covering you for the entirety of your permanence in Croatia (max one year).

7. You will be asked to present documents or bank statements that demonstrate that you have a sufficient income (2,250 EUROS/MONTH) to support yourself while in Croatia.

8. You will need to provide an address in Croatia where you will be staying. A confirmed reservation from your hotel or hostel is acceptable.

9. If you are married, you must submit a translated and notarized copy of your marriage certificate. Include birth certificates of your children.

The application process

If you need a visa to enter Croatia, you can apply for one at the Croatian embassy before you travel to Croatia. If you are an EU citizen and do not require a visa to enter Croatia, you can apply at the nearest police station close to your local address. There are dedicated service desks for foreigners in all police stations.

Please note that EU and non-EU citizens can initiate the application process online.

When your documents are ready, all you need to do is drop them off at the embassy or police station. If you present all the necessary documents, your application should be accepted; otherwise, you will be asked to present more documents.

Make sure to keep a close eye on your email if you applied online and to leave a valid phone number, as this is how you will be contacted by the authorities with additional requests or updates regarding your application. The time it takes to complete this process may vary from one office to another, depending on the workload and the number of requests that need to be processed.

While waiting for your residence permit, it is advisable not to leave the country for at least one month. Once you have submitted the necessary documents, you may legally stay in the country while waiting for your residence permit to be processed and confirmed.

Once everything is ready, you will receive a blue envelope, an email, or a phone call. Now you just need to pick up your residence card. Once again, you will need a visa to enter Croatia if you are not an EU citizen, but if you are from the EU, you can travel straight to Croatia and pick it up.

Do not forget to register your address within three days of arriving in Croatia and confirm your temporary stay within thirty days of your arrival. This is important because the residence permit may be revoked if you do not comply.

To sum up

The process is not complicated; as long as you present all the necessary paperwork, you should have no problems. Enjoy your stay in Croatia!



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