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Where Can You Write Student Essays for Money?

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Aug 22, 2022

Where Can You Write Student Essays for Money? 

There is no shortage of sites to write essays for money if you have the right tools – a PC, internet connection, and outstanding research skills. You may require some training for providing essay assistance for money, and thankfully the internet has several free resources for that. 

Most of these sites for money writing essays have strict conditions to ensure they get the best for their clients. They are keen on grammar and plagiarism and only work with writers that know the requirements of specific writing styles. That said, you can start writing papers for cash if you are open to learning. 

Now, where can you work on student essays for money? These sites below are some of the most popular for essay writing, and they accept applicants from almost every part of the world. So this is one of the easiest ways to get paid to write essays.


You want to try this site if you are great at academic writing. At the site, a client gets to answer some questions that will tell the team what they expect and the desired deadlines. This task will be assigned to you, professional writing essays for money, and the company will expect you to deliver as per the set deadlines. Usually, the tasks have sets of instructions set by Edusson after consulting with the client, so you only need to follow them to meet the client’s requirements. 

Naturally, the site sets a period within which the client can raise revisions if the instructions are not followed. What does the company look for in writers? You will be required to fill out an application and pass tests showing your proficiency. These determine where you will be placed – as in the type of tasks you can handle. 


Paperell will write essays for students of all levels, so you will be right at home if you are looking for a bit of pocket change. The site announces when writers are needed, which will be your cue to apply and upload the best sample you can if you want to compete. The site pays writers a portion of what it charges when you write a college essay for money, and those terms are not available to the general audience. 

To work for this site, you may need a college degree for subjects that require more profound knowledge. For the more general areas, exemplary grammar and good research skills will get you by. Most clients prefer to choose the writers they have been working with on the site, so you will want to handle your tasks well to build a good reputation. 


PapersOwl is yet another great resource if you write papers for money because it has been around for many years, during which it earned users’ confidence. The writers are rated highly because they are said to offer excellent quality and value for money, which shows you what the company expects. You will be required to fill out an application form online and then complete samples to determine your competency level. They usually ask for college degrees to ensure their writers match the quality expected of them and the nature of tasks they will be called upon to handle. Degrees also have other benefits apart from making one more knowledgeable. The site writes regular papers, dissertations, theses, and other related material for undergraduate and graduate programs. Check online for their call for people that can write college essays for money, which happens randomly. 


This site will hire you to write academic essays if you have a good understanding of topics that college students learn. You will be called upon to help with research for coursework and dissertations, so you will need to know how to use the most popular styles – APA and MLA, among others.


Upwork is your go-to to get content writing jobs that require creative skills. As a marketplace for all sorts of tasks that enrich the digital marketing space, you will find more tasks that transcend writing if you have skills in graphic design and advanced Excel use. You will be required to create an account, select as many skills that you are good at as possible, then do tests to show your proficiency. You will be required to bid for tasks, and your star will rise once your skills show through client feedback. 

What you Need to Write Essays for Cash 

First, you will need these three things: 

  • Fast internet
  • A PC
  • Word processing software

Most tasks are not as complex as you may have been made to believe, but they will need some knowledge of what makes a good paper. You may need to learn formatting in specific styles and will require research skills. Luckily, you have several online resources offering free information and training if you are new and need to start things off right with the sites we have mentioned above.

Most importantly, you want a portfolio where recruiters can find your work, and some college students like coming up with websites that show their writing styles. 



When you put in the work, you will see results in returning customers asking to work with you. Some sites also keep reviewing the payment for professionals who are consistently reviewed positively. Writing for money has now become one of the best ways to earn an income while in college and, for some, a means to make a living as they explore the world. 



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