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Texas Hold'em Poker: Step-by-Step Guide for British Newbies to Learn

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Aug 09, 2022

For a long time, Poker has been one of the most popular casino games available, like slots with free spins no deposit UK casino bonus. Over the years, most common casino games come in variations that offer players different versions of their favourites. Texas Hold'em poker remains the most common poker variation in any British terrestrial or mobile casino. Many players have taken to playing this poker variation more often than any other variant, especially after the introduction of video poker. However, despite its popularity, some players are unfamiliar with the rules and steps guiding this game process.

Texas Hold'em poker is a pretty fun game to play. Understanding the process and rules involved is a great first step to becoming a master in this game. So let's walk you through the essential things to know before playing this poker game.

Step 1: Master All Rules

Texas Hold'em picks up similar rules and patterns to traditional Poker. It also involves the use of a 52-card deck. So whether you're familiar with Poker or not, you must know that Texas Hold'em rules take a different twist in certain aspects. This game uses two-hole cards and 5 community cards in the middle. First of all, in a game of Texas Hold'em, the dealer deals each player two 'hole cards' (also known as 'Pocket cards') before beginning the betting round.

After those stages, you move to the flop stage. Unlike the first stages, cards dealt in the flop are face-up; meaning they are visible to everyone. After that is the turn which also comes with face-up cards. These preceding stages commence the third and fourth rounds of the game. And in the final round, there comes a fifth community card. In the gambling world, we call this final card the river. After that there should be a winner; but there are cases where two or more players remain, making it impossible to pick a winner. If that is the case, you head to the showdown in which the remaining participants compete with their five best cards.

Step 2: Get Familiar With Hold'em Terminologies

Once you get the hang of the rules involved, you must understand other essential aspects that make up the game process. It is important to understand the terminologies used in the game to help you make the right call. Here are some Texas Hold'em terminologies.

The Table

Texas hold'em table like other Poker variations allows a maximum of 10 players. The table is where all the action takes place and where cards are dealt. Players get to place their wagers, bets and cards on this table.

The Dealer

What is a game of poker without a dealer? The dealer typically gets a slightly better advantage by being in the best table position.


Texas Hold'Em allows players to make forced bets automatically before the game starts. Blind players get to change their hands before the dealer deals out the cards while the dealer's button goes around the table. You can choose to make a "Small blind" or "big blind" – the former is a seat positioned to the left side of the dealer, while the latter is the seat on the left of the small blind.

Other important terminologies include:

  • All-In: Used to signify calling out a full wager on bets during the game.
  • Hole Cards: Usually two "pocket cards" dealt face down – cards available for "players eyes only".
  • Community Card: Usually 5 cards are dealt face up around the table.

Step 3: First Round Stakes

Now that you're familiar with Texas hold 'em betting terminologies, all that is left is the betting process. The first round of betting usually involves the two-hole cards dealt by the dealer. Once the cards are dealt face down, players get to decide on their next decision – you could choose to raise, call or fold. This "Pre-flop" process already kicks off the game and counts as your first betting move, so you want to ensure your initial decision is carefully thought out. Once all the players have made their decision, the dealer will place all the chips into a pot. Read also about the $50m division lottery prize jackpot split between two tickets.

Step 4: The Flop

Before proceeding to the next betting round, the dealer burns one card to eliminate one player from the second round. After completing this process the dealer will proceed to deal with three community cards, face up – for every player to see. Those remaining in this round can choose their next move depending on the card on their hands. The goal is to try and get the best possible hand using the first two pocket cards and community cards. Players can decide to fold, check or bet based on the quality of cards in hand. One rule to note is that the player on the dealer's small blind gets to begin betting on every round.

Every player must once again decide to raise, fold or call before checking. The dealer will proceed to burn another card and add another card from the deck to the three flop cards. The game will go on into the third round with the players left standing.

Step 5: "Turn" Betting Round

In the third round, the game yet again gives room for players to decide on whether to match the bet of other players, go all-in or just fold before checking. Once all the remaining players have made their decisions, the dealer will pull out the fourth community card and betting continues similarly as in previous rounds. At this stage, players cannot surrender or increase their bets.

Step 6: Final Round

Things however get a little different in the final betting round where there is a reveal of the fifth community card and the remaining players have to make the strongest five-card to win the game.

At the end of the final betting round, whoever wins gets to go home with the accumulated bets in the pot. However, in the event that more than one player is remaining, a showdown will be the deciding factor. The remaining players will reveal their hands according to their seat positions and the dealer will decide the winner.

When playing Texas Hold'em, your position at the poster table is an important aspect that could set you at an advantage or a disadvantage. Your proximity to the dealer's button will determine the number of players you'd have left. Texas Hold'em is quite fun to play in the UK and as long as you maintain your focus and concentration levels in making proper game decisions, you will stand a better chance of winning games.



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