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Nubain Village in Egypt Canva

Nubain Village in Egypt

Written by  Aug 07, 2022

Are you willing to be humbled by some of the most hospitable people on the planet? Read this guide to learn about the famous Nubian village in Egypt.

The People

The Nubians are one of the oldest civilizations, and they live far upstream on the Nile in Upper Egypt. These welcoming people have lived on the western banks of the Nile near Aswan. A real and rich travel experience, visiting a vibrant Nubian village near Aswan will leave you with priceless memories and new lasting friends. It will make your Egypt Trip an amazing experience.

Check out a Nubian Village

The Nubian Village is a wonderful half-day excursion. Egypt is home to several vibrant Nubian villages. The village is accessible by boat from Aswan and is well-liked by residents and tourists from other countries. You can spend hours exploring the village on foot. It's encouraged that you include a visit to a Nubian village in your Egypt Trip!

Observing Egypt's Most Vibrant Village

The charming, artistic village is shown once the boat passes through a few corners. You are cordially invited to explore the Nubian village by the welcoming locals. From lovely mementos, and regional spices, to delicious food and lodging. Yes, if you have the time, we strongly advise staying the night here.

History of The Nubians

Ancient Nubians are home to one of the planet's oldest cultures. In fact, their history goes back millennia before that of the dynastic Egyptians! They are decedents of the Mesolithic Khartoum culture. This was a highly developed culture in antiquity that produced some of the world's oldest and most intricate ceramics. Historians also credit them with developing one of the first astronomy instruments ever made. This was found at the Nabta Playa megaliths, over 2,000 years older than Stonehenge!

Along with periods of war and warfare with the Ancient Egyptians, relationships of peaceful cultural and commerce relations coexisted over the thousands of years of history that followed. However, there is a strong interdependence between the two cultures and ethnic groups. The Nubian bowmen with dark skin eventually adopted Egyptian customs, wed Egyptian women, and even had their remains interred in Egyptian-style tombs. It goes without saying that the Nubian people were essential to the history of Ancient Egypt and that they long governed a thriving and esteemed society.

The Boat Journey

You'll need to take a brief boat ride to the vibrant settlements because they are mostly on the west side of the Nile River. This will typically take place on a small boat with an outboard motor or a contemporary speedboat, depending on the route you take.

Sightseeing: The Colorful Nubian Houses

You may need to follow a native tour guide to two lovely villages after crossing the Nile. Here, you can stroll the streets and marvel at the distinctive architecture and vibrant designs of the local homes and structures. Most of the structures are made of mudbrick, and they are always painted in vibrant colors with distinctive painting patterns. On several of the exterior walls are paintings of Horus and other gods.

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