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The best online entertainment to bring while travelling Photo by Ady TeenagerInRO on Unsplash

The best online entertainment to bring while travelling

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Aug 03, 2022

This time of year is perfect for travelling, and many find themselves on vacations. Travelling is such a great time and many of us dream of a few weeks away from home. Here you can experience new cultures, eat delicious food, visit tourist attractions and meet interesting people. However, there might be some time when you need a bit of online entertainment as well. 

It is good to have some online entertainment ready for whenever you need it. This can for example be while you are relaxing in your hotel room, waiting for a taxi, or simply need to put your mind elsewhere. Let's have a look at some alternatives. 

Watch sports and bet

If you are a sports fan, you might want to enjoy some local sports or see your favourite teams online. In these situations, you can also bet on the games you are watching. If you are planning to go to the United States soon, you can look at the current NFL season and look at somenfl week 9 odds to bet. Make sure to find a good betting site before you leave, and learn everything there is about sports wagering. Then you are ready to find the nearest sports pub to sit down and enjoy the match with some local supporters. 

Share your experience

It is always fun to capture your vacations through photos and videos. This allows you to remember it for longer, and you can look back on it later., You can either keep the content for yourself or post it to social media as a form of travel blog. TikTok is a popular app to use for this. Here you can share video content and look at what others are doing. It is the perfect place to find travel inspirations and hidden gems in the places that you visit. If you are planninga trip to some beautiful cities, you should definitely go to TikTok for some good travel tips. 

Movies and TV shows

Many of us have a TV show that we are following, and you can still do this while on vacation. Streaming services like Netflix, Disney plus, and HBO works in most countries you visit, and you can even download entertainment to watch offline. This is great for long plane rides, or if the internet connection is bad where you are on vacation. 

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