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5 Croatians Who Made It To the NFL Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

5 Croatians Who Made It To the NFL

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Aug 03, 2022

National Football League matches and championships are a big thing for football fans. Similarly, Croatians love to play, watch and enjoy football. Croatia players are making it to the NFL, and here's a complete list of these phenomenal players.


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Croatians Who Made It To the NFL


One of the favourite things about Croatia is the undying love for football. This love is observed through footballers constantly making it to large leagues, fans and much more. So, here are 5 Croatians who made it to the NFL

David Michael Diehl


David Michael Diehl, born on September 15, 1980, played with the New York Giants of the NFL for his entire career. His glorious victories count his performance as a left tackle in two Super Bowl Championships. 


The team beat the New England Patriots in both games in the Super Bowl. After playing gloriously with the New York Giants, he retired on January 24, 2014; he announced his retirement after 11 seasons.

Robert Michael Ninkovich


Robert Michael Ninkovich, born on February 1, 1984, has an interesting history in the NFL. He is a former American football outside linebacker who played many seasons in the NFL. 

He was associated with the New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots, and Miami Dolphins. Interestingly New Orleans signed him for a $1.22 million contract in 2006. In NFL 2026, he announced his retirement.

William Stephen Belichick


William Stephen Belichick, born on September 15, 1980, is a famous personality associated with the NFL like no other. He is the coach of the New England Patriots. Also, he is the team's general manager who controls the in-field and off-field decisions. This Croatian player had a history of winning six super bowls as a coach. 


Frank Sinkwich


Frank Sinkwich, after having a brilliant college football career, joined the Detroit Lions, who had selected him first overall in the 1943 NFL Draft. He was awarded the NFL Most Valuable Player award in 1944 and received All-pro honours in 1943 and 44. His talent, skills and deviation were noteworthy and applaudable.

Elvis Grbac


After a brilliant college football career, Elvis Grbac joined the NFL as an American football quarterback. He played for nine long seasons and received Pro Bowl honours in 2000. Also, he was associated with the San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens.

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