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5 Exciting Free Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia Canva

5 Exciting Free Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Aug 03, 2022

Your Croatian tour is not complete if you have not visited Dubrovnik. If you are wondering what to do during your time out of work, playing casino games on Fair Go slots and visiting Dubrovnik should top the list.

The city has an excellent tourist appeal, and the best part is that you won’t have to break the bank to experience the goodness of this destination. This does not mean that Dubrovnik is not expensive; the best and most exciting things to do in the city are free.

Pack up and list the following activities in your Dubrovnik itinerary.

1. Explore the Architecture

The city has many architectural landmarks you will not have to pay to admire. The city features many medieval buildings dating back to the 7th Century. You can wander around the city and see the architecture without buying a ticket.

There is a network of streets, alleys, and walls showcasing cultural heritage. The city walls, for instance, are a big deal as they are said to have survived a significant earthquake in 1667. It would be an excellent experience to come face to face with such exceptional architectural work.

Stradun is a landmark of interest to many tourists that visit Dubrovnik. It is the city’s main street, with many alleys shooting from it. The Pile Gate is also a must-visit. You can walk through the gate and enter the walled city. An exciting thing to note is that the gate was also featured in Game of Thrones filming.

2. A Visit to Sunj Beach

Located on Lopud Island, Sunj Beach is a great place to spend your afternoon. If you are looking for an affordable spot in Dubrovnik, this is the place to be. The waters are warm here, and accessing the beach is easy, only 20 minutes from the modern port.

You could choose to take a walk and explore the adjacent hills or get to the beach by a golf cart if you are feeling lazy.

The beach features a bar and restaurant where you can get snacks and bites. There is a bathroom at the beach where you can wash away the salty water and sand after an afternoon of swimming. If you are lucky, you could also catch sight of a ship or two.

The shallow waters at the beach are also great for kids and tourists that love water sports. Some tourists rent parasols and desk chairs if they plan to spend the day at the beach. You could also paddle and swim along the coast or go snorkeling in the secluded parts of the beach.

3. A Tour of the Sponza Palace

Sponza Palace is an architecture-rich spot, featuring a wide range of styles from Gothic windows, Renaissance-style windows, alcoves, and Corinthian columns. Sponza Palace has been used as a bank, armory, and mint.

The Sponza Palace was also a highlight in the 1991-1992 war that left Dubrovnik shaken. While many repairs were done to the palace, the damage is still evident.

Just inside the palace entrance, there is a memorial room with portraits of women and young men that lost their lives defending the city. The palace also hosts over 1000 years of manuscripts in the State Archives on the 1st and 2nd floors. The archives are, however, not accessible to the public. You could, however, have a few precious pieces displayed on the lowest floor.

4. Beach Kupari

Croatia has limited sandy beaches. While Kupari has pebbles, it easily qualifies as one of the best beaches in Croatia. What stands out about the beach also is that it is easily accessible. The location is also picturesque making it perfect for an afternoon of relaxing and playing watersports.

Suppose you have always wanted a beach experience enriched with urban exploration; Kupari will offer it. The beach is located east of Dubrovnik Old Town and is close to five other attractions. That is five abandoned, looted, and bombed buildings, which are free for the public to explore.

While the better part of the beach has pebbles, there are sections with sand too. It is also not hard to find a nice spot for swimming. There is also a massive Sheraton Resort a few minutes from the beach.

5. Volunteer on Green Sea Safari Tours

Volunteering on Green Sea Safari tours is an opportunity to be part of an excursion without spending your money. The activity mainly involves cleaning Dubrovnik beaches and clearing them of plastics, bottles, and other types of waste.

The cleaning excursion will double as a day trip to the Islands surrounding Dubrovnik and offer excellent sights and interaction with nature. We are talking about watery, caves, clear waters, and many other breathtaking attractions. The islands are heavenly, and you will not get enough of the rocky outcrops and lush woodland.

A day’s activities essentially include arrival to the bay and the kick-off of cleaning activities, cruising, and at the end of it, fun time. The best part about the excursion is that you will contribute to conserving marine life and nature.


Your next holiday tour doesn’t have to be expensive. Dubrovnik in Croatia has impressive attractions and tourist activities that you can indulge in without breaking the bank. The city features architectural attractions, beaches, art culture, and food.

The five activities above will set the tone for your next trip to Croatia.


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