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7 Best Sites to Buy Essay Online Cheap and Original

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jul 29, 2022

Finding the right online essay service can be a challenge. It's nerve-wracking to wonder whether the author will deliver the right material on time for whatever you need. People looking for the perfect combination of speed, quality, and originality have a lot to choose from. There are plenty of sites out there promising the world. On the other hand, what they produce isn't all that great. Thankfully, there are some terrific online essay sites that will help you get the content you need, whether you're a student or need a professional writer to support your work.

We've reviewed the best essay writing sites available and what you can expect when you buy essays from them. Our professional writers know what people are looking for, and these sites are primed to deliver. Here are the services you need to know for the best authors with writing skills, plagiarism-free content, and fast turnarounds!

The Quick Overview – What Makes These Sites Great?

  1. Paper Help – A fantastic overall choice for all kinds of essays online.
  2. GradeMiners – Good option for first-time buyers (college students, etc.).
  3. Studdit – Remarkable range of different academic levels and custom essays.
  4. FinestEssay – One of the most popular essay writing sites.
  5. MyAdmissionsEssay – Targets college papers, exceptional quality.
  6. Master of Papers – Direct communication with the best essay writers.
  7. 99Papers – Expert writers and affordable prices.

A Comprehensive Review of the Best Writing Services

Each site has an ace up its sleeve in its writing process that may make one a better choice over another. Being conscious of each of the best essay writing service offers will allow you to pick the right one.

  1. Paper Help

Paper Help is one of the most professional writing services covering all bases. For this reason, it sits atop our list of the seven best essay writing companies on the internet. When you buy an essay, you get to choose your level of writer. You can opt for something affordable at the basic writer level, or you can hire a professional writer who is one of their native English writers with qualifications. You can find cheap essays or premium research papers.

It's a reliable service that plenty of companies in the writing industry emulate. Part of their success stems from customers' ability to choose writers at all levels. You can dive into the review to find a writer who has experience with your topic or that tends to produce content quickly. They also have a wonderful customer support team on hand to guide you in the purchase process or to answer questions about academic writing standards.

Cost is another thing that makes Paper Help so attractive. For example, you can get help with high school essay writing for somewhere around $10 per page. Of course, prices scale up if you're buying college research papers, but overall, the cost is fair. The volume at the site makes it easier for them to charge affordable prices and still produce good-quality content. If you need an essay written on a short timeline, the scale of Paper Help comes in handy. They can get you something in a three-hour window without a problem. If you need your essay writer to get you a paper faster, then it will cost you more.

Key Features

  • Can handle large volume
  • Starts at just $10 per page
  • Plagiarism free papers
  • Fast turnaround
  • Range of professional writers

2. GradeMiners

GradeMiners, as you may guess from the name, tends to target students who seek essay writing or help with a research paper. They are likely the best college essay writing service for students who require a bit of help with admissions essays as well.

The site comes in just under Paper Help if we talk about pricing. You can order essays or research papers for just $9.64 per page. Of course, if you need academic writing services at advance levels, then you'll end up spending an extra penny. However, GradeMiners is generally more affordable than other paper writing services while still delivering decent overall quality that you'd await from the best essay writing services. One of the best features of GradeMiners is that, as you invest more, you can hire an essay writer with relevant experience in the subject. So, for example, if you need a chemistry paper, you can find expert writers with experience in chemistry and choose a writer for your academic papers at the right price.

Worried about what you'll get with your finished product? Well, a GradeMiners writer can send you the initial draft once 30% of the paper is done. You can check to see if it meets your standards and let them know if you need any free revisions to get the best essay. If you're looking to cover your bases, to be sure, you can hire a second writer at a 50% discount. These reasons are more are why GradeMiners makes it on our list as one of the best essay writing service options.

Key Features

  • Get 15% off of your first order
  • Affordable
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Expert essay writers
  • Delivery in as little as 1 hour

3. Studdit

Studdit is a trusted essay writing service that has put a lot of time and effort into its platform. A lot of paper writing services have websites that are hard to understand. The price that they offer in banners ends up being far different from what you pay. It's also difficult to know whether they can deliver the paper writing quality you need. With Studdit, you get high-quality writing skills starting at just $10 per page. Custom paper writing from an experienced pro on a research paper or similar more complex tasks will cost more, of course. Also, Studdit will charge you $40 per page if you need something fast (in under 3 hours).

Still, their easy ordering process and professional writers at each academic level make it a go-to for people who buy essays online. You can go into as much detail as you want to make sure your writer has the instructions they need to succeed.

If you're worried about whether essay writing services plagiarize, Studdit is a great option. They offer Turnitin plagiarism checks to customers to guarantee everything you're getting is completely original. Studdit lets you buy essays online with ease and gives you access to experienced writers in a variety of subjects.

The company also has 24/7 customer support. The interface, support, and quality make it an easy choice for one of the best essay writing services out there.

Key Features

  • Customers get 5% off + 10% cashback on orders
  • 100+ subjects & excellent paper quality
  • Up to 3 free revisions
  • Starts at $10 a page

4. FinestEssay

FinestEssay is one of the oldest and best essay writer services in the game. They've been at it for over a decade now, and they have things down to a science. Everything from the user interface to how much they charge just feels like it's well thought out.

Their essay writers can handle any task you throw at them. You'll just have to pay more as you move up in complexity. They advertise over 50 areas of expertise as a paper writing service, and one of the major bonuses with FinestEssay is that you can interact with your writer directly on things like writing style. These types of writing services beat going back and forth with customer service, that's for sure.

In addition, you can request the same writer when you buy essays in the future, something that your typical essay writing company avoids so they can spread work across their writers. FinestEssay lets you buy essay online cheap at just $8.24 per page. That's their lowest level of paper writing, though, so you'll pay more if you need something more in-depth. As you move up in price, you get a lot of added services as well. Customers receive paper summaries, editing services, sources cited, and more.

If you're looking for custom paper writing priced at different levels based on your needs, then FinestEssay is a fantastic choice. They've got professional essay writers and deserve a spot on our list of the best college paper writing services and overall writing services available.

Key Features

  • Easy interface
  • Established name (10+ years of experience)
  • Multiple payment options
  • From $8.24 a page

5. MyAdmissionsEssay

With the right site, you can find a writer when you need a paper on a short deadline or work with an author longer-term on complicated academic papers. MyAdmissionsEssay built its reputation on helping students and people like ESL writers on their admissions essays, but now they offer way more.

College essay writing is still their specialty, but they provide academic assistance and professional writing to a wide range of customers in various subjects. MyAdmissionsEssay is one of the best essay writing service choices with options to hire editors and people to proof your papers.

If you're looking to up your writing game, then you can hire an editor to work with you and improve the way your paper reads to get the best essay. It's a great skill for future jobs and will help you get better grades on your next college paper. With over 3,700 writers,

MyAdmissionsEssay can offer services their competitors can't. For example, you can also get a writer to help with things like calculations works or help with simple homework projects. It's not just an essay writing service. While essay writing is still their bread and butter, this is an established name that gives its customers so much more than custom essays.

Just a heads up, you won't find unlimited revisions here. With most assignments, customers receive up to three edits. Of course, if you want more, it will increase the price. Still, MyAdmissionsEssay is one of the best quality essay writing services out there.

Key Features

  • Prices start at $11 per page
  • Comprehensive services
  • Turnitin plagiarism reports
  • More than 3,700 different writers

6. Master of Papers

Master of Papers is here to give writing assistance throughout your academic and professional career. They aren't in it for the one-time customers, though they'll happily oblige. It's their goal to see you through from the beginning to wherever you end up later in your career. It's an essay writing service that will be there whether you need something academic or professional years later.

The needs of people who buy essays online changes. One year, you may need help writing something at a high school level. Later, though, you'll be interested in writing service with more depth.

Master of Paper is also a good choice for cheap writing services. College students love it because it makes buying essays online affordable. They also give customers a money-back guarantee.

Master of Paper writers typically need around three hours from the time you submit a request until they get you a finished paper. If you need something fast, it's important to give as much detail as possible when you order. On the other hand, if you're flexible on time, you can save money and get the best essay or academic paper possible with a 30-day deadline.

The company offers unlimited revisions on essay writing within two weeks. Anything more than that, and you'll pay a bit more. New customers get 15% off of their first orders, and the entire process is fast and simple. They deserve their spot as one of the best essay writing services.

Key Features

  • 3-hour turnaround
  • Starts at $8.24 per page
  • 2-weeks of unlimited revisions
  • 15% discount for new customers
  • Customers speak directly to writers

7. 99Papers

99Papers is one of the most reliable writing services in the business. This is it if you're looking for an essay writing site with transparent pricing and clear instructions. Potential customers can visit the site and know exactly how much they'll pay for any college essay or academic writing assignment. Pricing starts at just $9.95 per page.

The company has a very established track record with over 800,000 completed writing services orders. That and a very secure payment portal with tons of secure options is enough to instill confidence before you buy.

One thing that makes 99Papers unique is its rewards program that offers discounts for repeat business and large orders. You can also pay for larger items in installments. If you're looking for the best paper writing service and flexibility, 99Papers is for you. Find the best essay from an experienced author and confidently turn it in.

Key Features

· Unlimited revisions

· Secure payments

· Over 800,000 successful orders

· Installment payment options

· Starts at $9.95 per page

Choosing the Best Paper Writing Service

Picking the right site to get a well-written paper is your most important decision when buying essays or any other paper online. Whether you're seeking cheap writing service or top-notch academic writing, the site, and the people behind the site, make all the difference.

When people purchase essays online or request help with resume writing, they want a legit writing service that will deliver original content at a decent price. So how can you make sure you're getting what you deserve?

Pros & Cons of Different Writing Services

Every writing service will have distinct selling points. Some compete on price, and others offer more features. Deciding what you want is your first step. If you're price-conscious, then perhaps going with something more affordable where you can buy essays online for cheap is your best choice. However, people who need higher-level writing and more revisions will need to pay more for those options.

Above all, find a site with good service reviews and the type of writers you need. The writer's experience may not matter much on a high school paper, but if you're turning in a contract proposal for your business, it matters greatly.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a major concern anytime someone else writes for you. Going with one of the established, legit essay writing services is the best course if you're worried about original content. Legit essay writing services have the resources and the inclination to check for plagiarism before you get your finished product. They have more at stake in terms of reputation.

When you turn in a research paper or anything else, you need confidence knowing your content is 100% original. So, choose a larger company with guarantees to avoid any issues.

Pricing Your Essay

As you can see from our reviews above, most of the essay writing sites start at around the same price. The initial price is what brings you the end, but a lot of times, it's very different from what you end up paying.

To get to the bottom of what you'll pay, you'll typically need to fill out the quick forms on the site. The best companies aren't' hiding their prices from you, so the process on our top seven sites is fairly simple. Just fill out the quick forms in their order section and get a quote based on your requirements. You also need to pay attention to things like revisions. Some companies offer free revisions, and others will charge, which will affect the final price you pay.

Considering Turnaround Times

Buy essay online services will often get you something in around three hours. However, if you need something from a good writer in an hour, expect to pay a significant premium. In addition, it usually takes anywhere from a day to a week to get a finished product you can be happy with, so plan ahead, especially if you need something more detailed.

Quality Matters

Quality matters a ton for research papers, professional writing, college papers, and more. You need confidence knowing that you're handing in quality papers that reflect positively on you. In cases where you need excellent professional writing, you should opt for sites that let you communicate directly with your writer and those sites that offer early milestones where you can check the work before it's done.

Do You Need 24/7 Customer Support?

No, not everyone needs 24/7 customer service. If you have the time and flexibility, you can prioritize other features. Having good customer service underscores that companies are investing in their clients and want repeat essay writing business. If you're a first-time customer, be wary of companies that don't offer customer support or make it hard to get in touch when you need help.


Is it safe if I buy an essay online?

Source essays from established writing services to avoid any issues. Check to see whether they offer secure payment portals and various payment options. Read service reviews online and check to see if any other customers had issues with making a payment. Negative reviews, complaints about payment problems, etc., are red flags that you should avoid.

Is there a chance you will be caught?

Hiring a writer at the appropriate level and giving detailed instructions are the best ways to avoid any issues with your paper. Choose an essay writing service that offers Turnitin plagiarism checks to guarantee that all content is 100% original. If you're concerned, you can buy from a service that lets you deal directly with your writer to make sure the tone and voice are on point.

Can you avoid plagiarism?

Yes, you can. Remember, these companies want repeat business. So they go to great lengths to ensure their writers are delivering original content on each order. If you're concerned, you can also use various online tools to check the work you get across the internet for plagiarism. Doing both will increase your odds of getting a plagiarism-free paper.

What's the difference between a good and bad online writing service?

A good online essay writing service has the resources to meet customer needs. They have a variety of writers at different levels and can customize pricing based on your paper or project. Bad companies aren't clear about what you'll pay, don't have native English speakers writing for them, or just don't have an established track record. Beware of companies where you can buy essays cheap with inexperienced writers. Make sure they have the experience and qualifications you need.

Am I able to communicate with customer service?

Yes, or at least you should buy from a site that offers good customer support. Not every writing service will be online 24/7, but they generally respond to customer questions and issues quickly. Before you make your first order, talk to customer service to see how they respond and whether it's at the level you need to go forward.

The Bottom Line – When to Use an Online Paper Writing Service

Hopefully, this list will help you find ways to get the best essay writing service that you need. Essay writing is a challenge whether you're a non-native English speaker or you're more mathematically inclined. But, with the right writing support, you can meet your deadlines and finish what you start with confidence. Buying essays online is the perfect solution.

There is something out there for everyone. Every year, more and more people use online writing services to support them professionally or academically. These seven sites are a great place to start and will meet your needs with expert writing and unique content at reasonable price points.

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