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What are Kratom Potentiators? Canva

What are Kratom Potentiators?

Written by  the Dubrovnik Times Jul 28, 2022

Kratom tea is gaining popularity among a certain group of enthusiasts in the country, they consistently drink kratom tea, and they attest to the health benefits that it brings. It is considered to be an organic source of energy, calmness, and even pain relief. It is also said to improve one’s moods and help prevent negative emotions, at the same time, it can also be good for one’s wellbeing and state of mind. Kratom tea can provide its drinkers with all of these benefits and yet none of the negative side effects compared to synthetic drugs. For those who advocate for kratom, they argue that it is the only natural substance that can help those with substance abuse disorders stop themselves from the habit and that it is cheap and readily available than those prescribed by doctors and the like. In the early years when kratom first came to the country, it had a bad connotation especially when kratom was linked to overdose and unregulated use of the substance. The DEA was quick to categorize it as a controlled substance which is saying that kratom was illegal to sell, buy and consume in the country. Although it is not a hundred percent guaranteed, the after-effects of ingesting kratom tea are not for the faint of heart. It can keep your heart racing as it starts to provide you with that motivation to do better and to act on it. Kratom tea is versatile in that you can drink it in several ways, but the most popular is to combine it with several flavors and beverages to balance or improve the taste. Care must be taken to ensure that it will complement the taste of kratom tea, as most organic teas can react harshly to other substances which may destroy the chemical make-up of kratom tea. When you choose to mix it with other substances make sure that it belongs to the group of potentiators for the kratom tea.

What are kratom potentiators?

                Kratom potentiators are substances that complement and also improve the absorption and health benefits of kratom. It is a reality that just like any other substance, kratom does build up in the body and the kratom drinker can become addicted to the substance and build tolerance for it. This is anticipated in the sense that those who are already used to drinking kratom tea will no longer be able to experience the effects that they had in the early part of ingesting kratom. Most people would like to believe that kratom tea is all-natural, there is no telling how much of the substance is contained in the packets used for selling the green powder. The repeated drinking of the tea makes them more receptive to the after-effects of the kratom tea. Thus, potentiators are used to ensure that the effects of kratom are at the same level and intensity as it was before. The potentiators can complement the kratom content in the tea and the combination of which will trick the body into thinking it is a new experience rather than just the old and habituated one. The great thing about potentiators is that it does not really alter the chemical components of kratom, so you will still be able to get the most from the tea but in a more flavorful way. There are several potentiators that you can use if you feel that you are building tolerance to kratom. All of which are readily available and can even be found in your pantries like coffee, cocoa, fruits, juices, and others. By using potentiators, you are eliminating the need for increasing the dosage or increasing the number of times you take kratom. Some people also believe that the potentiators can significantly improve the taste of kratom and will entice more people to try it out and the potential benefits from that mini tea packets. Potentiators include grapefruit, lemon, coffee, and even cocoa powder. As long as it is safe to ingest and will not oxidize the kratom content in the tea.

What do kratom potentiators do?

                Kratom potentiators appear to improve the effects of kratom in the body, it allows for extending a certain effect in the body so that kratom can give you more than what you normally enjoy with kratom alone. However, combining kratom with other substances may not be the right thing to do and can be dangerous if it is not done properly. Hence, there is a warning not to combine kratom with any existing medication or drugs recreational or otherwise. Moreover, there is no way to predict how kratom and the potentiators used will react in the body as each person will have a unique experience and they can never look back on that. It is best to stick with herbal and plant-based supplements to mix with kratom as they are readily available such as grapefruit, turmeric, coffee, cayenne pepper, and even chamomile tea. For example, chamomile tea is more known for its calming effects, and when you combine it with kratom, you seem to double the effects of kratom in terms of its calming and relaxing effects.

When to use kratom potentiators?

                Kratom potentiators are used when you want to magnify the effects of kratom with that of another substance or drug. But since it is not advisable to combine kratom with other drugs or substances that have psychedelic properties, it is best to stick with combining kratom with the more readily available and non-hazardous potentiators such as citrus, coffee, chamomile, turmeric, and others. If you are a regular kratom drinker, then it makes sense to combine it with other substances as it can provide a better experience or effect, but if you are just beginning kratom, then stay away from the potentiators until you have become familiar with the many effects of kratom to the body. Most kratom enthusiasts do not stop at one and will make a way to maximize the effects of kratom with the help of regular substances. So there is no right time to use it, but rather how prepared one is to experience kratom on a different level.


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