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TASTED BY THE EDITOR – Panorama Restaurant & Bar - The clue is in the name

Written by  Jul 27, 2022

It is a long, long time since I last visited the Panorama Restaurant on top of the Srđ Mountain, too long. As I sat down at my table I found it hard to concentrate on the menu, the view in front of me was just awe-inspiring. A sea of blue, you couldn’t see where the sky ended and the sea began. The clue is in the name – Panorama. There is no doubt, none what so ever, this restaurant has the best view in the city, and probably beyond. However, I soon found out that it isn’t only the view that is amazing.

Food, glorious food

So once you’ve recovered from the 360 degree views and surveyed the menu you’ll again be impressed. To be honest this restaurant has such an amazing view that it could have quite easily forgotten about the food and still guests would have been happy. But they didn’t, far from it. The Chef has clearly been creative and pulled out all the stops to produce a menu that is a) imaginative and b) it uses many local dishes and recipes. I just love a restaurant in Dubrovnik that pays homage to the local cuisine. “An experienced and creative chef, a culinary master who finds his inspiration in the authentic recipes of the Dubrovnik region, makes sure to make the enjoyment complete. At that height, the seafood pours into plates of excited guests who in those moments experience Dubrovnik and its surroundings in a completely new dimension,” writes the restaurant’s website. Yes, I would agree.

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“What would you recommend?” I asked the friendly waiter. He was clearly knowledgeable and ran through the highlights of the menu. After much deliberation I was plumped for the grilled beefsteak with carrot cream, potatoes au Gratin with truffles, mushrooms, onion chips and a Porto sauce. Wow! “And can I then recommend a starter’” asked the waiter. Beef tenderloin carpaccio with a truffle spread, parmesan chips, capers, Dijon mustard and olive oil. Now that sounded like a match made in heaven.


Huge thumbs up

The food was not only excellent, I mean really excellent, but with the mix of the local touch whilst looking down on the pearl of the Adriatic, I somehow made it extra special. Wine flowed, food disappeared and the cable car whizzed up and down in the background. Pricewise for the overall dining experience it is great value for money. The grilled beefsteak, which was like butter in my mouth, was around 260 Kuna. All in all, a really impressive restaurant and I really don’t know why I waited so long to visit, why had I been away for so many years. I soon changed that and after finishing my meal I immediately booked a table for the following week when family from England are coming to visit.


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