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Dubrovnik in a Hurry: Tips for Choosing What to See Canva

Dubrovnik in a Hurry: Tips for Choosing What to See

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jul 05, 2022

Famous for its medieval old town, Game of Thrones' filming locations, nearby islands and beautiful beaches, Dubrovnik has got something for just about every tourist traveller. The list of activities might feel a bit overwhelming - especially if you have limited time.

Should you find yourself in a situation with so much to see and very little time, we’ve found that it’s often a good idea to randomly select from a curated shortlist. This way, you can fit in some of the best excursions and know and the best choice.

A fun way to do so is by adding the list of activities to a spinner. After adding the things to do, then spin the wheel and let it help you make your final decisions. See how many you can get though with the time that you have available!

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If there’s something you don’t fancy, you can always remove it from the shortlist So, without further ado, here is our quick guide on activities to try out while in Dubrovnik - 

Explore the Old Town
A walk within the famed walls of Dubrovnik's old town is one you can't miss when you visit. The walls have legacy that dates back to the 9th century making this old town one of the finest preserved cities.

Apart from historical sightseeing, the fact that the old town is a lived-in city makes it vibrant and lively as locals go on with their lives. Visitors can enjoy bars, restaurants, and markets.

Go on a Game of Thrones tour

For avid lovers of the fantasy series Game of Thrones, a day in the Seven Kingdoms is simply irresistible. There are several organised walking tours with guides who will take you through different filming locations. With their pictures, you can't miss recognising where your favourite scenes were filmed.

Take a cable car to Srđ

Enjoy panoramic views of the Dubrovnik from the top of Srd Hill. The cable car ride allows you to enjoy amazing scenes from the Adriatic Sea and the numerous islands. In addition, Mount Srd gives you a glimpse of key historical moments during the Yugoslav wars. While at the cable car station enjoy seafoods and local wines at Panorama restaurant.

Visit the Rector's Palace

Stop by Rector's Palace and get to marvel at different paintings, original keys to the city gates, documents and artefacts of the Republic of Ragusa. While at it, check out carvings inscribed. Include a guided tour to learn about the city's fascinating history.

Enjoy the afternoon at the beach

Spend your afternoon sunbathing in Banje, Dubrovnik's city beach. Its proximity to Ploče Gate makes it ideal for visitors who wish to pop in while in the city. The beach is ideal for a family day out.

Visitors can have access to deck chairs, sun loungers and jet skis. In a rarely crowded beach, there are so many beach activities to enjoy. While at the beach, pop in at any beachside bar and get to drink like a VIP.

Explore an abandoned luxury hotel

Have a worthwhile exploration of Hotel Belvedere, an abandoned luxury hotel that overlooks the old town. Having served as an entertainment joint where most DJs held their parties and later a filming set for Game of Thrones.

Marvel at what remains of this 1985 masterpiece, which was only in operation for six years.

Kayak under the walls of the Old Town

Yet another activities that can easily highlight your entire trip to Dubrovnik. Sea kayaking is more comfortable and therefore perfect even for beginners. For beginners there is a training session where you get to learn some paddling techniques in protected waters. If lucky, you might get wine and tasty delights thrown in by your contacting company.

Relish on Croatian cuisine

If you have a bit more time and love the ocean, you can enjoy different Croatian cuisines across various restaurants. You could opt for outdoor venues, rooftops with beautiful views or by the street.

There is a lot to try out from Adriatic sushi, fish to Asian-influenced cuisines. Also, don't forget to sample out local fines wine and craft beer.

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