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Dubrovnik will bring a smile to your face in more ways than one

Written by  Jun 29, 2022

Whether you are looking for that Hollywood smile, have toothache or are, in fact, in need of any dental service, there is a solution in Dubrovnik that will bring a smile to your face. The Zupa Dental Center is a modern clinic that includes an operational dental, laboratory and diagnostic center equipped with the latest technologies. The professional team will look after you every step of the way, everything is explained, and this step-by-step approach is not only comforting but also means that you’ll know exactly what’s coming next.

Technological approach


So here’s the technical rundown. All surgical and implant procedures are performed by onsite surgery specialists. In order to achieve maximum aesthetics and functionality of your teeth, they have introduced DSD- Digital smile design technology in everyday practice, which they use to design your perfect smile before starting any dental procedures. Accurate diagnosis and treatment planning is an essential part of maintaining the highest standards Zupa Dental Center’s dental work. Before any dental procedure they perform an orthopanoramic or 3D image of the jaw, and then plan further work with you according to your wishes and general condition of your teeth. All dental prosthesis, crowns and bridges are made in their laboratory from selected materials of world renowned company Ivoclar Vivadent. On all materials and works they provide multi-year and lifetime guarantees.

Travel and dentistry


Travel and dentistry, now that sounds like a practical vacation from all sides. And the Zupa Dental Center are well ahead of the game. They have their own info center, yes it is all online, where you can get answers to all the questions you may have. Now that kind of customer service and transparency is right up our street. And yes, before you ask they’ll give you all the prices up front, so that you can compare them with your dentists at home. You’ll see quite a difference. But the service doesn’t stop there, they even have the possibility of organizing your whole trip, which even includes a complimentary transfer in Dubrovnik as well as hotel reservation near the clinic. And it doesn’t stop there, through their travel agency we organize excursions and sightseeing in Dubrovnik region. Now, we’re all smiling!


Contact information

Address - Dental center Župa
Dubrovnik, Croatia, Put Don Antuna Kriletića 7a, Ul. dr. Ante Starčevića 45 (3rd floor)
Phone: (+385) 20 301 555
Mobile phone: (+385) 91 301 5550
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Working hours - Monday - Saturday: 08:00 - 20:00


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