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Top spots for al fresco dining with TuttoBene Top spots for al fresco dining with TuttoBene

3 top spots for eating al fresco in Dubrovnik!

Written by  Jun 13, 2022

Looking for that perfect outside spot in the historic city centre of Dubrovnik to enjoy a bite to eat whilst at the same time soaking up the views? Look no further. There can’t be many destinations in the world where you can sit inside a walled city, surrounded by stone façades and history in abundance, whilst tucking into some great food, and all al fresco!

You might think that the cobbled streets, plazas and steps of the pedestrian-only city core have plenty of stops to enjoy, you’d be right, but let’s give you our top three. Of course, firstly, you’re going to need some great food, here’s where the ever popular Tuttobene Pizzeria & Fast Food restaurant comes in. This urban and funky eatery has an outstanding offer of burgers, salads, tortillas, sandwiches, kebabs, and much more. And although the interior of the restaurant is attractive and indeed air-conditioned, you are in Dubrovnik so “carpe diem” and get outside in the Adriatic sunshine and not only have a tasty meal or snack but dive into those views and the vibrant city life.

Let’s check out the menus first

But before we give you our eating destination recommendations let’s look at the food on offer first. For our first location we plumped for the tortilla kebab, and that proved to be a great choice. Overloaded with chicken, salad and sauces this tortilla is more than enough to cure those hunger pangs. And at a reasonable 70 Kuna it is certainly value for money. Next we had a juicy burger which firstly made us hungry when we caught that meat aroma. And again at 70 Kuna it isn’t going to break the bank. And finally, some might say the healthy choice, a salad, it was absolutely huge. And here’s a good time to point out that the servings aren’t small.

One thing that absolutely struck us and we were handed the meals was the packaging. All the food we ordered came wrapped in handy to carry cardboard boxes. So not only can you enjoy a tasty meal but you can also recycle the packaging after you’ve finished. Thumbs up for that detail.

So here are our three top spots in Dubrovnik to enjoy your TuttoBene takeaway!

Many people know these iconic Dubrovnik steps as the Game of Thrones “Walk of Shame” steps, in fact some locals call them the Spanish steps. So, right in the heart of the Old City and literally a few hundred metres from Tuttobene Pizzeria & Fast Food restaurant (yes, your food will still be hot) are the Jesuit Steps, that’s their real name. Being steps there are plenty of spots to sit down, just don’t sit right in the middle and annoy the Game of Thrones fans. It’s a lively spot and great fun to people watch. And the views down to the Gundulić Square will be on your horizon whilst you tuck into a great meal.

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tutto bene walk of shame dubrovnik steps 1

There is no "shame, shame, shame" to enjoy the views from the Jesuit steps - Photo - Mark Thomas 

Secondly, we plumped for the Old City harbour, again this is only a 5-minute stroll from the Tuttobene Pizzeria & Fast Food restaurant, so within easy reach. Now the bonuses here are that there are rows and rows of public benches and through most of the day they are in the shade. Basically, you’ll be sitting a few metres from the Adriatic, in the shade, whilst enjoying some of the best views of the city. To your left is the old fisherman’s market and the square encircled by the stone city walls, and to your right the impressive St. John Fortress, and right in front of you the lively harbour with its fishing boats and yachts.

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Within metres of the Adriatic - Photo - Mark Thomas 

And finally, although we would add that there’s spots aren’t in any order of merit, is one of the most picturesque squares in Dubrovnik. Again, well within walking distance of the restaurant, this Dubrovnik square has panoramic views over the Old City, the island of Lokrum and the turquoise blue Adriatic Sea. Again there are public benches, so you’ll have a pleasant and indeed shady spot to relax.

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Find your shady spot - Photo - Mark Thomas 

So enjoy your meal and Dubrovnik and most importantly bon appetite!

Tuttobene Pizzeria & Fast Food

Od puča 7, Old City Dubrovnik
(street that runs parallel to Stradun)
T: +385 20 323 353



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