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Women of different countries, differences in mentality Canva

Women of different countries, differences in mentality

Written by  Jun 07, 2022

Every single man, regardless of age, dreams of meeting the only woman who will become his girlfriend, his lover, and the mother of his children. There are beautiful women in different countries. Ukraine dating is now one of the popular ways to meet your soul mate.

But for the fair sex of one country or another is inherent not only the external dissimilarity. Women from different countries also have different mentality, and therefore different characters.

  • Mentality is a mental, cultural, emotional characteristics, value orientations in the aggregate, inherent in social or ethnic groups, a people or a nation.

It is better to consider the mentality of women by comparing women with women who live in different countries.

Slavs women

Slavic women from time immemorial, as they say, "pull" everything on themselves - the family and children. They also have to take care of their husbands. With all this, many Belarusian and Ukraine  women also work, self-develop and have their own business.

But taking on the responsibility for the household and other concerns, Slavic girls watch and take care of themselves. They are beautiful both at home and in the street, when necessary they will dance, support the conversation on many topics and look "sexy" under any circumstances.


All these qualities are inherent in the Slavs from birth. From childhood they help their mothers and learn to cook, take care of their husbands, and keep house. Among the features of the mentality of Slavic women we can distinguish several.

  1. Emotionality, frequent unacceptability of the rational approach.
  2. The measured way of life is alien to Ukrainians and Byelorussians, that is why they often organize spontaneous holidays.
  3. Slavic women are sentimental. They can empathize and feel the feelings of other people.
  4. Slavic women are characterized by a desire to talk "heart-to-heart", to share personal problems not only with their friends and relatives, but even with unfamiliar people.
  5. Responsiveness. After reconciliation as a result of a major quarrel or disagreement Slavic women quickly "go away" and forgive their chosen one.

Ukraine dating allows men from all over the world to find a life partner of Slavic nationality.

European women

In Europe, women prefer  jobs and careers to families and children. The birth of a child is postponed until "better times," and the care of the household falls on the housekeeper. Most European ladies prefer comfortable clothes and sneakers to beautiful clothes and high heels, and beautiful dresses are worn only on special and festive days.

Women from European countries do not have spontaneous holidays, as they are strict in this sense and stick to calendar dates. They will not listen to the problems of unfamiliar people, let alone talk to them about their personal life. European women keep their distance even with close friends, prefer not to talk about personal topics - there is a psychologist for that.

German Women

What all German Frau have in common is that they are characterized by a predominance of masculine qualities. They are completely different women. The mentality of the Germans has many distinctive features.

  1. Independence. It is instilled since childhood. Germans assess their lives and their capabilities realistically, setting goals for themselves, they achieve them independently, through professional development. It is considered bad form to "sit on the neck" of your husband. A German woman has no goal of meeting a Prince Charming, who will put her on a pedestal at home, who will provide for her life and solve all her daily problems.
  2. Freedom. This manifests itself in many ways. Germans don't spend hours choosing outfits to go out to the store. Even on a date they choose clothes and shoes, in which they will be comfortable and convenient, rather than put on uncomfortable, but beautiful shoes and a tight dress. For the sake of liking a man, they will not pretend that they, like their partner, likes, for example, soccer. A small percentage of German women are shopaholics. Few are also baffled by perfect body shapes, and do not try to emphasize the beauty of breasts or the gracefulness of the waist.
  3. Pragmatism, rationality. By their nature, German women are an example of cold calculation. They always put "Me" in the first place and only after that "We". Some men are attracted by this, but most of them prefer caring Slavic women who emanate warmth, caring and feminine.
  4. They know their worth. All the Germans know their rights and demand equality with the men, they elbow their way in. During the occasional girls' get-together discussing men is not a favorite topic. If a man gives a German woman an expensive gift, many see it as an attempt to show her superiority, to impose obligations on her.

Spanish Women

In the view of many, Spanish women are sultry beauties with character. Even middle-aged and elderly women here are young at heart, so even the 60-year-old ladies are addressed as "you".

Contrary to stereotypes Spaniards do not apply daily bright makeup, do not paint your lips in scarlet. But you can't call them gray mice either. In clothes, women prefer simplicity, while it can be bright and frank. Shoes with high heels they will prefer more comfortable models.

Spanish women like to spend time in the company of friends. Many of them devote themselves to the family, but there are also women who are engaged in a career. For the traditional Spanish family it is acceptable that the wife commands, shouts (sometimes yells) at her husband. He will only smile guiltily.

On the street walks, beaches, it is almost impossible to see a Spanish woman with a baby in her arms. The father takes care of the child here - feeding, playing, dressing, and such a phenomenon is common. For the reason of inherent feminism many men do not want the equal second half.


Considering all the above, we can conclude that the most beautiful and mysterious are, nevertheless, the Slavic girls and women. Through the sparkle of their beautiful eyes Ukrainians radiate a special light of their soul, especially when they are loved and they are in love! Ukraine dating is one of the ways to meet your destiny not only online but in real life.

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