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Kratom Plant Heals Or Kills? What does Research say In 2022? Canva

Kratom Plant Heals Or Kills? What does Research say In 2022?

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jun 01, 2022

Kratom is commonly known as a herbal supplement, a tree native to South Asia. It is also referred to as Mitragyna speciosa, and its product is derived from its leaves. The chemicals present in the leaves of the kratom are called bioactive alkaloids. These alkaloids affect the body, and the compound scientists are studying is mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine compounds can produce opioid and stimulant-like effects. There is much research done on kratom. The international agencies are still reviewing the emerging effects of this compound.


The use of kratom products is still not approved by the FDA. But it is very popular among the consumer. The user reports kratom helps in managing withdrawal symptoms and craving for opioids. It also reduces chronic pain and fatigue and improves mental health. NIDA supports and conducts research on kratom and informs the user about the use according to the health and safety effects.


People who use kratom reported rare but serious effects, and some deaths also reported that they were linked to kratom products. So it may raise the question that kratom is a healing product or killing? Let us find out.

How Does Kratom Affect The Body?

Research on kratom is still ongoing, and researchers are learning about the kratom compound effect in short and long-term use and how they impact health and the body. Some studies have been done that show how the kratom drug works. Some research factors are discussed below.


The most important factor is the amount of kratom taken or the potency of the product formulation. The main problem is that every kratom product concentration varies, so evaluating the result is quite difficult. Even kratom products were found contaminated. So its effects are not only related to kratom only.


The result and effect of kratom are also associated with how it is ingested ( kratom is ingested in different forms, including capsule, tea, or powder). And with other drugs present in a person's system or with a person with any medical condition.


Kratom dose is the next factor. Kratom users experience two stimulant effects with a smaller dose and sedative opioid-like effects in a high dose. Scientists are finding these effects due to the amount or method of consumption.


People who use kratom reported mild effects like dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, and constipation. And in clinical reports, a wide range of patients are seen with rare but adverse effects in mental and neurological. Symptoms are seizures, confusion, and tremors—heart problems like high blood pressure and slow breathiGastrostro intestinal problem, and fatal liver problems. Several deaths are also associated with the use of kratom products.

NIDA Is Advancing Research On Kratom

Kratom exposure is maximum in the United States; it requires more research to find its effects on health. Scientists' research on kratom is going, and many things are still unknown relative to the compound of kratom.


NIDA supports the research and advances its research to find the effects of kratom use, mechanism, and therapeutic potential.


NIDA found how kratom affects the brain and how it interacts with drugs. Because most people using kratom reported previously using opioids, they also have disorders while using opioids.


Some people died while using kratom due to previously opioid history; that is why NIDA wants to find the effects of kratom on opioid use. This may help to solve the drug overdose epidemic in the United States.


NIDA and the NIH HEAL( Helping to End Addiction Long-term) are working and supporting several studies to develop kratom and related compounds to treat chronic pain and opioid withdrawal symptom management. A project also supported by 

It will help develop new medication, including a kratom-derived product for opioid use disorder.

Could Kratom be Used As Medicine?

Many people use kratom to treat pain, depression, anxiety, and substance use disorder. But kratom for self-treatment as a medicine is not safe because of the small number of deaths reported among the users. Kratom is still not proven safe and effective for medicinal use. The DAE named it the “Drug of concern.”


Kratom has been tested on animals, and it shows therapeutic properties in animals like antidepressants and pain-relieving, but it needs further studies.


NIDA and its partner are working to find an effective medication using kratom and its relative compound. Because in the United States, such types of urgent treatment are required to help in the drug overdose epidemic.

General Public Opinion & Federal Authorities Views

Most tom users support kratom and want to list it as a legal drug. The consumer-voted kratom helps them in many medical treatments. The general public means consumers found it very effective as a pain reliever, removing anxiety and depression. But we can not deny the risk of the drug. As its overdose and contamination also cause death. As per the opinion of the federal authorities, it is deadly and addictive. That is why it is banned in most states in the United States, and the National Institute for Drug Abuse also said they don't start this medicine for self-treatment.

WHO Views On Kratom

After examining kratom, the World Health Organization said that there is no accurate proof to include kratom on controlled substances. Kratom has pain-relieving and antidepressant properties. But some fake product makers make kratom contaminated, which may cause several health issues and even death.




NIDA is doing several studies and research to develop a product derived from kratom that may help treat opioid disorders. But on the other hand, NIDA requests the consumer not to use the commercial form of kratom because it is a toxic and potentially fatal compound. The FDA found heavy metals and linked them to the recent salmonella outbreak. After all of these issues, you should avoid using a herbal supplement that may have lots of concerns and side effects behind its use. If you have any issues, it will be good to get medical help from a doctor. Do not use kratom or any other thing as self-treatment. Perhaps it may kill you. Always go with the medicine that provides you safety and is good for your health.

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