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96Ace Malaysia: Top 5 Tips To Play Responsibly in Casino Canva

96Ace Malaysia: Top 5 Tips To Play Responsibly in Casino

Written by  May 30, 2022


Over the decade, the gambling industry has been growing massively. As travel becomes more affordable and internet adoption increases rapidly, access to the casino gets easier and gambling becomes more popular. The recent pandemic may have halted physical casinos, but a lot evolved into online casinos instead.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the casino comes at a cost i.e. gambling problems. Especially online casino in Malaysia, which have been in the spotlight for people's gambling addiction. But like any problem, there are always methods to mitigate or prevent entirely.

As long as gamblers play within certain limits, it's completely possible to prevent compulsive gambling problems. So in order to promote safer gambling, here 96Ace and SGOnlineCasino experts will share the 5 top tips for responsible gaming in the casino.

Tip #1: Separate Personal And Gambling Bank Account

This is one of the most popular cash management tips. Keep a separate saving account for personal use and for gambling purposes. It helps to set a hard limit or a maximum amount of losses one can afford when gambling.

So when going for a casino trip, it's best to leave behind all cards and money related to the personal accounts. Bring only the wallet or purse exclusively for casino trips. That purse may include other expenses in the casino as well such as meals and other necessities. 

When players got too caught up in the heat of the moment. The card rejection or an empty purse will be a good wake up call to stop the compulsive cash withdrawals. 

Tip #2: Save Up For Casino Trips

A good gambling budget should come from your regular income. Casino trips and gambling session is no different from any other expenditure. Hence, it should be treated as such.

So, every gambler should have a budget allocation for their gambling trips. Then put aside a small portion of their monthly income to it. The same way we allocate a certain amount of our income for savings, leisure, education and monthly expenses. 

This will ensure that your income is well managed. You will only be gambling with money you can afford to lose. Thus, there will be no incidences of accidentally gambling away money needed for necessities. 

All in all, set a target budget and save up for it. Once there are sufficient savings, it's time to plan for a trip to the casino. If there's leftover from the budget, you can even include sightseeing into the trip too. 

Tip #3: Budgeting And Force Stops

On top of budgeting for gambling and casino trips as a whole, it's also a fine practice to set a budget for each game you'd like to play. Furthermore, set a certain amount of time as well for each game or table you are planning to play. These acts as a force stop when you reached your loss limit or time limit. 

Take a break or unwind your mind before you begin the next game. This is a healthy habit to build discipline in your gameplay and avoid gambler's fallacy. Once you have this habit in place, it will be easier to review your games' performance.  

Tip #4: Keep A Clear Head And Be Disciplined 

Frankly, all of these tips are ineffective if the person cannot keep a clear head and be disciplined in maintaining a responsible gambling behaviour.

After learning the tips to set up your limits and boundaries, you need to consistently keep a clear mind when gambling. This is not only important to ensure responsible gambling, but also very critical to ensure top performance while gaming. This is especially true for games that require strategies like blackjack or poker. 

In order for you to effectively deploy strategies and tactics that you have learned, you need to have a clear mind and awareness of what's happening. So, practice keeping a clear head at all time in the casino.

Another importance of having a clear mind is to be mindful of all the perks that the casino offers. Especially from gambling sites that tend to offer casino bonuses such as deposit bonus or freebies like free spins and free games without using real money. Very often, there is a catch to those freebies. 

On the subject of keeping a clear head, remember to never ever gamble when you are feeling down e.g. stressed, depressed, angry or demotivated. Gambling is not an outlet to release all those negativity. Play only when you are at your top form mentally. That's one of the keys to win your games. 

Tip #5: Review Your Gaming Performances

It's often argued that gambling is mainly a game of chance. Especially for straightforward games like slot games and roulette. But when strategies and tactics are involved, there are definitely skills involved as well. So, we do have a certain control over our gaming performance. 

Your experience and skill level towards a particular casino game can influence your chances of winning and overall returns. There will certainly be games that you are able to play and win better. 

Based on that, it's highly advisable that you review your overall performance for each game. Measure the amount of time spent on each game and the winnings. Then allocate more time and budget on the ones that have better returns over time.  

Being a responsible gambler, you should aim to maximize your overall payouts by focusing more on games that yield better results for you. 

Bonus Tip: Cash Out and Invest

While gambling should not be treated as a way of making money, winning money is also part and parcel of gambling. Whenever you scored a big win, cash out some of your winnings and invest that money. 

Most notably for online gambling since it's easier to stop immediately and cash out your winnings. But if you are in a physical casino, at least cash out half your winnings if you decided to continue playing. Treat the big wins as a bonus income. Therefore, invest it for your future. 

Closing Thoughts

Gambling is essentially just another spending behaviour, compulsive gambling is similar to compulsive shopping. It's all fun and entertaining until you run out of money to continue. So, half of these tips are actually money management tips that help to control the compulsive behaviour.

The good part is, these tips can also be applied to various other aspects of your spending habits. But for all these tips to work, you should never ever borrow money or use credit cards to gamble. Gambling activities, like any form of entertainment, should always be funded from your savings. 

But if somehow you have become a problem gambler, there are plenty of avenues with helplines that you can seek help from.  

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