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How the problem of environmental pollution affected the development of ecotourism

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times May 27, 2022

Traveling around the world and discovering some of the most impressive and amazing locations is a nice experience. However, as international flights have become more affordable year by year, the number of tourists around the world is increasing.

There are some countries and places on the Earth that are among the most visited ones. But even though they are growing in popularity, this high number of tourists is putting pressure on the environment. And the biggest problem of them all is pollution.

Countries around the world are looking for ways to decide this problem. Pollution is more and more talking about in the news. A teacher might encourage their students in college to write an essay on topic about water pollution and global warming. And that is why ecotourism is gaining popularity now. Overall, people have started looking into the impact of ecotourism and pollution on natural habitats. And here is what they have found. encourage ecotourism on their lands

Water Resources

One of the most important findings is that tourism puts a lot of pressure on the water system. For example, many boat tours are offered to tourists. And they willingly pay for them. But this only leads to water pollution. Boats are not using, most of the time, electrical engines. So, they pollute the water which is a rich ecosystem for marine animals.

Water resources are negatively affected by tourism and by all the activities that have been normalized, such as boat tours. There are examples of tourists who are consciously disturbing the animals too.

They are offered the experience of spotting whales or dolphins and this happens daily. You can find free essay samples that explore this topic in detail. Keep in mind that freshwater resources are used by hotels and accommodation places too. There are lots of tourists who need water, but the hotel is also using it for swimming pools or other activities.

Air Pollution

The problem with environmental pollution is huge and we cannot say that it happens only in specific parts of the globe. As technology developed even more, it made international flights available for everyone. The number of tourists is increasing year by year, which means pollution is higher and higher. Air pollution might be one of the most important issues we need to take care of, as it affects the development of ecotourism.

People are mostly traveling by car, but by plane too. Both of these transportation options contribute to air pollution. As air pollution is invisible (we cannot see it as we see litter in nature) it might make many think that it is not so deadly. But as any environmental writer or journalist around the world says, it causes millions of deaths yearly.

Air pollution is dangerous, both for the health of humans and that of ecosystems. Tourists can choose eco-friendly transportation methods when they are traveling local, for example renting a bike or an electric scooter, as any campus student does.


But maybe one of the most pressing problems nowadays is the one of litter. The number of people on Earth is growing from year to year. But this means that the quantity of litter we generate is higher and higher. Few countries have the infrastructure they need to recycle and reuse most of the garbage we are creating daily.

Most of the litter ends up in nature and our waters, polluting the soil, water, and all the natural resources we have access to, including food resources. The environmental impacts of litter in nature are awful. There is a need for education programs where tourists are encouraged to take the litter they generate with them or throw it in specially designed places. Most of them throw it in nature and this leads to soil pollution and erosion.


Ecotourism is a nice initiative that can encourage and educate people to travel sustainably. However, tourism at a large scale is putting pressure on the environment and, most of the time is causing environmental pollution. This, in turn, affects the development of ecotourism.

There is air pollution caused by traveling by plane or by car. There is water pollution caused by hotels, but also by water activities tourists pay for. And there is the eternal problem of litter which, unfortunately, can be seen almost anywhere.

Even in the places considered the most remote. There is an imperious need to design education programs that encourage people to travel sustainably and protect nature during their trips.


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