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What can you choose instead of Salesforce?

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times May 14, 2022

A performance-enhancing business must go beyond Salesforce inbox for outlook..

CRM-systems for trading help to increase the volume of sales. It improves the efficiency of employees. It visually shows the analyst on the sales funnel and on each manager. Also it puts in order all work processesand that's not all.


The need for management leads to the ordering of contacts and documents. Expensive applications that charge user fees don't want to lower the cost and increase the performance of the software. These are the reasons that make us consider an alternative to such applications.

The new wave of business requirements indicates that today software should be a fully loaded communication package that includes phone system, SMS, email, and internal chat.

What is the alternative?

The Revenue Grid includes many useful features. What features should you look for when choosing an alternative?

Sales and Marketing CRM, which is also a business phone system

Agents need to make calls quickly and efficiently right from your browser from anywhere in the world. The platform offers calls recording, which allows operators to spend more time talking to people and less time dialing calls, local presence and call waiting.

Gmail and Outlook mail integrations

Your agents need incoming and outgoing email to integrate with their CRM for maximum efficiency. The system must synchronize with your Gmail or Outlook accounts so that your agents can send and receive emails without having to log in and out of CRM. The platform allows you to create email templates, schedule sending times and bulk email verification to check your list of clients to reduce potential failure rates and mark them as spam.

Sending and receiving incoming and outgoing SMS

Once your agents come into contact with potential customers, it is very useful in today’s tech age to be able to track it through text. After all, text messages get an open rate of around 98 percent and a response rate of around 80 percent.

Understand what your users want

The revolutionary visitor tracking feature gives businesses like yours a real-time insight into potential customer behaviour. Tracking website visitors begins when someone visits your site, clicks a link in one of your emails or fills out a form.

At the moment when a visitor enters your site for the first time and begins to search for information, your sales agents will know exactly what has been drawn attention to specific contacts, how long and will be able to determine exactly.

You can also use the data to find out what exactly interest potential customers, and thereby forget about “cold calls” once and for all. No one has ever made less money using visitor tracking.

Unlimited Users

As a business manager, you are required to make hundreds of decisions every day, but only a few of them will greatly affect the future of your company. Among the many choices is the need to choose CRM, also known as customer relationship management, a system that can truly change the way your sales agents communicate with potential clients and even with each other. This kind of contact centre platform would be a smart addition to any business looking to take advantage of the best communication tools on the market.

The good news is that our platform is easy to use and helps your team increase sales, revenue, and even the number of people who will work towards these shared goals.

Using Local Presence ID

When potential clients see a local number by caller ID, they are more likely to pick up the phone. This allows your organization to increase contact frequency.

Integrated Help Desk

The company has made powerful tools for you to analyse performance better, improve results, and measure the performance of your sales representatives. Metrics provide real-time monitoring and reporting. You can play recorded callbacks to assess the performance of your representatives and help with further practice.

Accurate speech recognition and transcription

Voice-to-text solutions aren't necessarily new, but companies are improving speech recognition so that the user can instantly convert the words you speak into text that's incredibly accurate. Our speech recognition is better than any other system on the market.

In turn, it allows you to create notes and emails much faster. It also eliminates the need for clumsy manual input, giving your team an advantage. You can expect better employee productivity and quality.

Powerful call recording

The powerful dialing program offers call recording, which is a useful tool for analyzing performance and providing useful learning for repetition. It also takes another step forward by allowing managers to listen to live calls during recording so that they can evaluate performance in real time and offer support as needed.

The call center cloud optimizes the entire process to increase your team’s performance from the moment they use the «push and call» feature to contact their users until they close the transaction.

Integrated chat

When it comes to creating an amazing teamwork environment, quality internal chat is essential. This feature promotes collaboration with easy-to-use functionality. Create groups and channels, so your team can share files, images, and information in one place. Instantly share or search for what you need. The chat feature keeps you and everyone else up to date on everything that's going on.

For example, the Revenue Grid architecture has more room for flexibility and creativity. It is well-equipped to be more responsive to the actual needs and requirements of various businesses. It allows companies to easily integrate their customer-facing business processes to build more beneficial relationships.


The CRM market is growing and improving every year, and all companies try to install the systems themselves: from small companies, where 2-5 employees, to large ones. Of course, the platforms themselves and their functionality are different. But the constant basis is the customer base.

Advanced CRMs can collect and store all information about clients: contacts, personal data, cooperation history, which advertising campaigns the client reacted to, and much more. Such platforms allow you to launch CRM marketing and monetize your customer base. In simpler ones, there is less information and functions.

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