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Manchester - the centre of the economy and historical achievements Shutterstock

Manchester - the centre of the economy and historical achievements

Written by  May 14, 2022

Manchester is one of the largest cities in Great Britain, which attracts millions of tourists every year. For the country it is a huge transport hub and economic center. And for tourists it is a city of majestic houses, crazy pace of life and noisy avenues. The rhythm of Manchester forces everyone to adapt to efficiency and productivity. That is why young people love to come to this city, especially students who get a quality education and get prestigious jobs. And tourists who do not want to get lost among the countless streets of the city are advised to visit walking tour Manchester. This tour will allow you to better feel the city, get acquainted with its history and fall in love with its achievements.


Where to start getting to know Manchester

When you hear the word "Manchester," your first opinion may not be of the city, but of the football team. Indeed, Manchester United is the symbol and pride of this city. So if you like football or just want to feel the spirit of sports history, start your acquaintance with Manchester with a visit to Old Trafford Stadium.

The stadium is considered the city's sporting gem. And the cultural heart of Manchester is Manchester City Hall in the Gothic style. Inside it, thanks to a series of Ford Madox Brown images, you can learn about the history of the city.

A place that is a must-see for every tourist is Castlefield. Here about 2,000 years ago on the site of a military fort began to build a city. The reason for the rapid development, including economic, were the coal deposits found here at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Do you know where you can see the oldest railway station in the world? Yes, right here in Manchester. Now the Museum of Science and Industry is here, which will help you feel the atmosphere of industrial changes from Roman times to the present day.

For a sense of the spirit of intellect, the Manchester Learning Center is worth a visit. Thanks to the University of Manchester, the world has been introduced to 25 Nobel Prize winners. So it is definitely worth a visit.

Briefly about the unknown

Manchester also has its secrets. You can read the top 3 secrets of this city:

  • Manchester is the birthplace of programming - the first computer with a program and memory was created here;
  • the city is an important transport hub of Britain and the world - Manchester Airport alone sees more than 26 million passengers each year;
  • vegetarianism has its origins in Manchester - here the vegetarian movement began in 1809, long before it became mainstream.

That's not all Manchester has to offer. The city is rich with sights and attractions. History cannot be described in words – it must be seen and felt. And it's best to see it for yourself.