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Some Of The Best Resources For Women Business Owners Canva

Some Of The Best Resources For Women Business Owners

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times May 11, 2022

Women are great managers of resources in the family. Applying the same tips that make women win at home can make women-owned businesses realize meteoric growth. But there’s more. Tapping into the best available resources can further improve your business as a woman entrepreneur.

We’ll delve into some of the best resources women entrepreneurs have at their disposal, including business loans for women.

Resources For Women Business Owners To Make It Easier

1. Grants For These Women Business

Women in business have access to grants from the state and private corporates.

Grants are highly competitive, but you won’t be paying back; it's essentially free money.

Common grants for women in business:

  • Federal small-grants for women; search for them from
  • Small business grants for women from private corporates: InnovateHER Challenge, Girlboss Foundation, Amber Grant.
  • SBA loans for small entrepreneurs
  • The SBA sponsors the Women’s Business Centers (WBC) to help women access funding to start and run their businesses.

2. Business Loans For Women

Numerous online lenders and traditional banks offer loans to minority groups, including women. Find out the eligibility criteria and apply.

Whether you're looking for equipment financing, loans for women, or a credit line, you’ll find that they’re many willing lenders.

3. Loans From Not-For-Profit Lenders

There are nonprofit community lenders such as the National Association of Women Business Owners (NWABO), who offer not-for-profit loans to women in business. This is an excellent resource to boost your business cost-effectively.

4. Business Mentorship Opportunites

By searching for business mentorship opportunities near you, you can land innovative mentorship programs that can scale your business to new heights.

You can get connected to mentorship opportunities from local organizations or your local Chamber of Commerce chapter.

Financial Tips For Female Business Owners

1. Draft A Business Plan

A business plan summarizes your business idea in a manner that easily resonates with potential lenders. You’ll need a well-thought-out business plan if you’re to access financing opportunities such as business loans for women successfully.

2. Write Down A Budget

Budgeting entails estimating your revenues and expenses. A budget helps you stay frugal while also identifying funding gaps in the future. Sticking to your budget keeps you safe from spending what you do not have.

3. Invest

Investing helps scale available resources in the future. Invest your funds in business ideas that have excellent growth potential. Invest by training your workers so that they’re empowered and more productive.

4. Aspire To Grow Your Business

Having a growth projection helps you plan and save for that growth. You’re able to build capacity by making yourself a better manager of a greater future business. Ambition will drive you into action that will, in turn, stimulate growth. It’s a growth cycle.

5. Save For Unexpected Expenses

As you invest, remember to put aside some amount for unexpected expenses in the future. Unexpected expenses may be in the form of emergencies or opportunities.

6. Mitigate Your Risks Through Insurance

Stay protected by insuring yourself, your business, and your family from contingencies that may be a significant setback

7. Separate Personal And Business Finances

Segregate your personal money from your business finances by using separate accounts.

8. Add Value To Your Products

Work at adding value to your goods or services so that customers will be willing to pay more for the unique extra benefit they derive from your business. By so doing, you won’t be competing on a price basis only.

9. Work On A Retirement Plan

You will not always be strong to put in the hours at work. You need to think of ways to secure your future through a retirement savings plan. Besides, have a succession plan for your business to ensure its perpetuity in the future.


Use the numerous available resources to grow yourself as a business owner. There are resources for financial support, mentorship, and networking within reach.

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