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8 Amazing Places to visit in Croatia Canva

8 Amazing Places to visit in Croatia

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Apr 24, 2022

Are you looking to go out for vacation or just a holiday trip sometimes? Whether you're travelling solo, as a couple, in a group, or as a family, Croatia, with its beautiful scenery, amazing landscapes, picture-perfect old towns, breathtaking national parks, and some of the world's most beautiful beaches, is one location you should consider visiting. Although planning new trips and adventures is always exciting and thrilling, with so many alternatives available, deciding on the perfect destination to visit might be quite a little bit difficult. However, regardless of where you choose to travel to, whether far or near, the most crucial is discovering, exploring, and having a fun-filled experience.

Thankfully, an ideal tourist location like Croatia offers you the perfect experience you crave with over 1,200 islands with absolutely incredible scenery, charming old cities, countless seaside towns, off-the-beaten-path coastal villages, and a breathtaking interior that encompasses all exquisite pastoral landscapes and huge mountains. The location is entirely worth every dime you'd spend. 

In recent years, Croatia has progressively grown to become one of the top tourist attractions in Europe. In fact, the number of tourists has increased by more than 70% in the last six years. The country of roughly 3.9 million people has a coastline along the stunning Adriatic Sea and borders Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnian, and Italy. One major thing that distinguishes it as an exceptional nation is the plethora of outstanding natural and historical attractions. 

This article will discuss eight unique places you would love to visit in Croatia.


No vacation trip is complete in Croatia without a few days in Dubrovnik. The whole place is literally a museum, being one of the most popular tourism sites in the country. The place was said to be founded as early as the 17th century, and this is evident in the city's ancient components, like the ancient walls, streets, majestic palaces, the rich cultural heritage, and great architecture. These and many more will make your visit worthwhile.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The National Park is indeed a magnificent natural wonder, with absolutely one of the most stunning sceneries in Europe. The park is adorned with several beautiful features, the multiple spectacular lakes being the most amazing. It’s one of Croatia's oldest parks, and it remains prevalent today, with an estimated 1 million tourists every year. Without question, it's a beautiful sight to behold and well worth a visit.

Hvar Island

Being one of Croatia's most popular islands, Hvar island is well-known for its gorgeous beaches, excellent climate, rich cultural heritage, and spectacular scenery such as castles, old walls, huge lavenders, and olive vines. The central city is also awe-inspiring and appealing, with gorgeous cathedrals, and historic fortresses, among many others. Essentially, the town square remains one of the largest and most beautiful in Croatia, with numerous ancient structures.


Split, Croatia's second-largest city, is also home to some gorgeous beaches and stunning architecture that cannot be overlooked. A major captivating attraction in Split is the ancient magnificent Roman Emperor palace, which represents the city's rich cultural and historical past. The city is the home of Antonio Perosevic, who plays for East Bengal, an underdog IPL team far from being IPL 2022 favorites. However, the city of Split remains a top tourist site in Croatia and a beautiful place you would want to visit.


Located on the west coast of the Istrian Peninsula, Rovinj is surrounded by stunning scenery that offers lots of outdoor activities. The town may seem to be a quiet fishing hamlet; however, it is home to ancient buildings, breathtaking views, fantastic restaurants, and contemporary tourism facilities. With an archipelago of 20 islands, the town is one of Croatia's most popular tourist attractions. It captivates visitors with its magnificent monuments, churches, local museums, etc.


Being the country’s capital city, Zagreb is breathtaking, filled with a plethora of ancient historical monuments and sophisticated modern structures such as attractive museums, old palaces, towers, and comfortable restaurants. Some of the fascinating landmarks of Zagreb are the famous Stone Gate, the city's main square, and the old architectural designs.


Although it is a small town, Korcula is also an important tourist attraction site in Croatia, prominent for its stunning landscapes, small villages, rich history, and fascinating customs. It is an ancient, walled city with vibrant marketplaces and many other tourist attractions. Attractive villages in Korcula like Blato are prominent for their spectacular restaurants, hotels, and a long promenade lined with lime trees, vineyards, olive gardens, etc., - making Korcula one beautiful place you would enjoy visiting.


Zadar is a fantastic tourist getaway location since there is so much to see and do without worrying about teeming crowds, which is characteristic of other famous tourist sites. This old city is located on a gorgeous shoreline that is rich in history and attracts tourists. The city is home to the University of Zadar, the oldest university in Europe, and a plethora of other beautiful attractions like the St. Anastasia Cathedral of the 12th century.


If you're looking to go on a vacation trip or a holiday, Croatia is a top option to consider. The country is loaded with many fantastic tourist attractions and places that are mind-blowing. Visit Parimatch for an exciting betting experience.

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