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Silk false eyelashes for that special day Canva

Silk false eyelashes for that special day

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Apr 21, 2022

Makeup for special occasions should be perfect. On a special day, you can afford rich colors, shine and chic artificial eyelashes. Their shape and color repeat the natural ones, but they look more impressive. Among the variety of CLASSY options, you can choose the longest or most voluminous models to your taste.

A variety of false eyelashes

Romanovamakeup silk false lashes are made of synthetic fiber. Their weightless texture really resembles silk. Ultra-thin eyelashes look like real ones. Each of them has a wider base and a thin, narrowed end.

The CLASSY series is an updated one. It was created taking into account the experience that the brand has accumulated over all the years of production of such products. Now, the silk lashes foundation ribbon has become even thinner and more convenient to use. Wearing eyelashes has become more comfortable, because they are made of ultra-modern weightless material.

The collection includes both minimalistic and bolder options for any occasion. The models have different designs, which allows you to choose the shape that suits your eyes. Some of them are made of cilia of approximately the same length along the entire ribbon, and in others, it differs significantly from the inner corner to the outer. 

So that the eyelashes look long and at the same time as natural as possible, you can purchase the Ann model. To create a charming look with a veil, the Sofia model is suitable. In total, the series includes 13 different models. You can be acquainted with them by following the link, https://romanovamakeup .us/collections/silk-lashes. Whichever option of silk eyelashes you choose, the result will be truly impressive. Having tried them at least once, you will be able to make sure of the highest quality of products, and you will certainly want to buy them again.

Why is it profitable to work with us

It is more profitable to make purchases if you buy several packages of eyelashes at once. By ordering three pairs of Classy Silk Lashes, the discount is 20%, and by buying five pairs of eyelashes, you can save 25% of their cost.

Silk individual eyelashes in bundles are able to add volume and length point-by-point, rather than across the entire row. Each bundle consists of several cilia connected by glue. However, some girls use them to build up over the entire eyelid, which allows them not to apply for a specialized service in the salon.

This type of product is gaining popularity again. Using them is no less simple, and the design can be created at your discretion. To do this, you need to purchase bundles with different characteristics. In the Romanovamakeup online store, there are kits made up just according to this principle. Promotion 2 = 3 allows you to purchase a third set free when paying for two.

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